A simple, non-toxic start to summer

I have been on a healthy kick for over ten years now. It started when I was trying to get pregnant and after many failed IVF attempts decided to make some changes with what I ate and how I thought. I started to meditate and went gluten free, which eventually morphed into my now paleo lifestyle. I’ve written before how this lifestyle is more than just what you eat. It is about how you choose to live — simply, clear, authentically.

The very basis of the lifestyle is to live holistically in all areas of your life. To eat healthy, get in enough sleep and ample exercise/movement; to take time to slow down, silence the noise so you can “hear” what truly fulfills you. And of course to live simply – without too much excess to crowd your head and your heart. It is all part of living holistically.

It isn’t about living that way perfectly.

Just about getting clear with how you want to feel, and what kind of life you want to live. And then continually making mistakes and starting again as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

I love this lifestyle because of the freedom it affords me.

There are quite literally no restrictions on the kind of person you can be living this lifestyle.

And living is the operative word.

I learned early on that making changes to how I was navigating my life (eating, sleeping, connecting) was part of it. But I also made a commitment to live a non-toxic life – as in aiming to only have products in my house that didn’t contain toxic chemicals and healthy-living-disrupters in them.

Not as easy a feat as it should be. Anyone who has tried to pick out a “healthy” sunscreen or tried to decipher what the ingredients on a shampoo bottle knows what I mean. There are no regulations put on the beauty industry to keep toxins out. So they can slap a label on a bottle, call it “natural” and many people take it as such.

There is a lot of guesswork in determining if something is really non-toxic or just pretending to be.

I read an article that says women put 168 chemicals on her skin daily! We are being poisoned and so many of us don’t know it!

For me, when I was trying to get pregnant I knew that everything from cleaning products to the soap I use in the shower had the power to affect my health. What you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body. So I made a conscious effort to remove from my house as many of the toxin-filled products.  I just wanted to clean my house, wash my dishes, and care for my body without compromising my health.

Over the years I stuck with the products I found that were deemed “healthy”.  Some of them still are but I am learning not all are. In fact, I am finding that I am in the guessing game again, questioning ingredients I have used for a long time. Wondering if they safe.

As well, I realized that over the past few years I have also gotten lazy with some of the body care products I’ve let in the house. And I don’t mean that as any disrespect to myself. What I have recognized is where I have taken my eye off the prize. Or slipped a little in my quest to stick with what I believe is an important part of healthy living: using products that don’t have crap in them.

I have let in some products that I know have been health-washed. Products that according to the messages on the label would seem healthy or even good enough. But in fact aren’t.

I don’t feel like having to once again guess, cross my fingers and hope for the best when choosing a hand soap.

I want to trust what I use and importantly, want the products to be simple to use. With summer right around the corner I think it a wonderful time to start to swap out suspect products with truly non-toxic counterparts. It’s time to stop guessing. And start living.

Enter Pure Haven. A company that has all I am looking for. Including the clean, clear messages on the bottle that make it simple for me to make healthy decisions. {I don’t know about you, but I am tired of guessing}.

There is nothing simpler than choosing products from a company that is straight forward in it’s mission and honest about it’s ingredients.

And there is no better way to create a healthy life you love than to choose products and practices that give you the best opportunity to achieve that.

I don’t promote many companies or products. I have been asked by numerous people in the “health” industry to back their products. None have resonated.

Pure Haven has. So much so that I am now a consultant/wholesaler. Look, creating a non-toxic life isn’t cheap; getting things wholesale just makes sense.

It makes my goal to get back on the non-toxic path simple, and easy.

Just in time for summer!


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