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Start your journey to organizational wellness, and overall lightness in your life with a Hands-on Organization session or session package. Getting organized can be a daunting and overwhelming proposition. And achieving the feeling of freedom that being organized provides doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time, determination, and a willingness to change.

Francesca Verri works with you, in confidence to encourage you make those changes. She crafts the best plan of action to help you lighten what clutters your time, mind and space. Whether you choose a one session package or a multiple session package you will be guided, supported and motivated to lighten your load, and actively create a simple life you love.

Session includes:

  • Hands on help with decluttering, and support in making difficult decisions through the letting go process
  • Help in determining your preferred way of doing and seeing things and advice on systems that meet those needs
  • Tips and information about the tenets of organization and best organizational practices
  • Suggestions for necessary system-building supplies
  • Unlimited email in between sessions (if purchasing more than one session)
  • Suggested next steps and “homework” at the end of your session
  • Advice on the number of sessions needed to complete a project*

All in home/office organization sessions must be within a 60 mile radius of Groton, MA. If you are outside this radius and interested in organization services, please contact info@francescaverri.com to learn about service options and pricing.

A session gives the client a jump start with their organizational challenges. Some projects might only need 3 or 4 hours to complete or come close to completion. However, many projects require multiple sessions.  After one full session, Francesca Verri can provide advice on the number of sessions needed to complete a particular project.

*Any suggestions for sessions are an estimate. After work has begun there could be an increase or decrease in the number of suggested sessions. This is dependent on the scope of work, unforeseen clutter and client’s inability/ability to do assigned homework.

Organization session expires 6 months from the date purchase.

Options 1 (3hr) Session, 1 (4hr) Session, Package of 3 (3hr) Sessions, Package of 3 (4hr) Sessions