Remote Organizing Sessions

Get the support and direction you need to get organized through remote organizing sessions!

These 1 hour weekly coaching sessions (via Zoom) will guide, support and motivate you to organize your space and build sustainable routines and systems to maintain order.  You will be coached weekly to do the work needed to attain order and a sense of well-being in your space.

In this program you will receive:

  • Motivation to declutter, and support in making difficult decisions through the letting go process
  • Help in determining your preferred way of doing and seeing things and then advice on systems that meet those needs
  • Tips and education about the tenets of organization and best organizational practices
  • Advice on necessary system-building supplies
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

Let Francesca support, coach and motivate you to actively create a life you love.

Note: This option for getting organized is a solid jump start for clients who have areas in the home/office in need of organization. It includes weekly motivation, support and education to help a client declutter and set up systems for better efficiency. There is no guarantee of project completion after a package has concluded. Some projects require more time and attention. Completion depends on the scope of the work, whether there is unforeseen clutter, and on the client’s ability to do assigned homework in between sessions.

Purchase and Schedule

Please follow the steps below to schedule your Remote Organizing Sessions:

  • Select which Remote Organizing appointment you would like and press the “Add to Cart” button.  Note: If you have remaining items in your cart from an earlier session, you can remove them by deleting the item number and inserting the digit “0” and press the “Update” button.  Click the “Back” button to return to the Remote Organizing selection list if you need to select a different item.
  • Fill out our easy Intake Form
  • If a Coupon Code has been provided, please enter it and press the Update button.
  • Press the “Pay Now and Complete Order” button.
  • Enter your Pay Pal/credit card information OR select Checkout as Guest
  • Press the Continue button
  • Schedule your sessions by selecting dates and times from the calendar*
  • Read and check the Terms and Conditions box
  • Click on “Continue” to finalize your appointment
  • Click on “Complete Appointment
  • You will receive a confirmation email where you may “modify” or “reschedule” your appointment if necessary.  You may also create your own Login account.

*It is recommended to space your sessions and schedule them once a week for 3 or 4 weeks (depending on the package you purchase) in order to make more thorough progress on your project.

Thank you!

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