When it comes to getting healthy, feeling good, living life well, there is nothing better to help you get there than simplicity.

Simplicity is the best wellness tool in the box.

And when I say simplicity I am saying that while the task of obtaining health and wellness might be daunting, even difficult, your ability to conquer it is more than possible.  Especially when simplicity is used as a tool.

The word simplicity is so melodic. It draws me right in.  And it makes whatever the task I am undertaking feel doable when I think of it in simplistic ways. If something is deemed “simple” it makes sense that it can be completed or accomplished.  Everyone can do “simple“, right?

The art of making things simple is the best way to make progress.

Simplicity, and creating things in a more straightforward manner, takes a back seat to instant gratification. In fact, these days it feels there is a rush to getting health and well. The problem is that getting healthy, well, organized, living life joyously, takes time. Time you should want to put in because with time the real growth happens.

So often we think that if something takes any amount of time it is not doable, or too daunting.  So we don’t even try.

And this is where simple comes in. When we “dumb” things down, find the uncomplicated, undemanding, easy route we make greater progress.  We aren’t stopped in our tracks or stifled.  And we embrace the time it does take to do things well, and thoroughly.

In fact, when we approach a project or goal with simplicity, we get many bits of gratification along the way that can keep us going to a lot longer.

When a task or project is broken down to simple steps everything makes better sense and becomes more appealing. When something is appealing, we are more likely to do it. And in doing it consistently we create a habit around it. That good, healthy habit then has the chance of being part of the fabric of our day. And how we “do” our life.

So if organization is something you want, don’t take on the whole task. Simplify. Break it down to a few steps. A few is always simpler than a long list. And don’t complicate the process; get clear on what you want and simple shall follow.

If you want to eat healthier don’t think about every single meal. Simplify. Break it down to a one meal a day that you aim to make healthy. Focus on real food – food with no labels and no processing, and no preservatives. Using real food as your basis is about as simple as you can get.

Whatever your health goal, do yourself a favor and do not try to eat the elephant whole.

Find the simple route.

It is the best wellness tool in the tool box.