Simple Just Got Really Important

Truthfully speaking, simple has always been really important.

These days it feels like the word simplify is a bit of a buzz word. Almost trendy.  And for someone like me — a believer in the need for simple and a teacher of how to achieve it — I am happy for that kind of trend.

If it really catches on, we all benefit.

Some people already fully understand what “simple” means and how important it is especially when you are trying to accomplish something – efficiently and effectively. They see also how it links to minimalism and consciously choose simple over complicated, messy, unclear, cluttered.

Consciously choosing it is something a bit more deliberate than just giving lip service and promising yourself to “make things simpler”, or “live a simple life”.  People say these things with good intentions but speak almost as if achieving them is impossible.

Simple is more than possible.

And the benefits of simple — for the brain, body, soul — are undeniably important.  There are a plethora of articles linking simplicity to happiness, all basically stating that when we get caught up in the “more” of things, we lose sight of what is within – our true wants and needs, and how to best attain them in order to live the life we truly want to live.

“More” actually can affect, negatively, all parts of the body and soul.

Simple really means less of.

Less clutter, less confusion, less complicated, less to contend with.

When we have less of that it usually equals more.

More ideas, more direction, more answers, and more happiness. We are less weighed down and therefore free to experience more, which means we can do good, be good and feel good more purposefully.

Shift how you do and see things by adding in simplicity.

  1. Lighten your load.  Clutter causes confusion.  Period.  The more things in your space, and in your mind, that don’t have a home, that don’t make sense, don’t fit, or have a clear need, the more your brain is called upon to literally sort things out. It’s hard work and detracts from the necessary life work for which we want the brain sharp .  The brain works hard enough.  Don’t add “stuff” to its plate.
  2. Use a list.  It’s the best way to easily get out on paper what is swirling on in your mind.  Anything and everything from go to the dry cleaners, to call about car insurance, to connect with June on Tuesday should go on a list. It’s a built in vacation you give your brain because what the list does it tell your brain you don’t have to remember everything. Simply put: a list makes even the most complicated and layered situations feel do-able. Make your list work for you and will see more clearly the necessary steps toward any goal.
  3. Learn to say no. If something is not in line with your life mission or happiness consider not letting it on your calendar. And while you are at it, say no to negative thoughts that do nothing to improve your life, and negative words – like gossip – that serve to pull you away from your self and add drama.  Drama is complicated, not simple.
  4. Break it down. Some things are complicated and layered.  And I believe even in the midst of complicated we can find simple. When complicated challenges your desire for simple, pick it apart. Eat the elephant one bit at a time.

Nothing says simple more than biting off a singular piece of a problem, project or thought.

Life does not have to be as complicated as we make it.  This post on my Facebook page is a great example of what I mean.

When it comes to being healthy, eating healthy, living organized, feeling well – we let a lot of “stuff” get in the way of us seeing how achieving those things are quite possible.

If we add in simplicity when it comes to how we are living our life, life starts to feel a lot less complicated.

Simple even.

The sound of that alone makes me happy.

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