The key component to feel good, and do good

For years, I have known that everyone wants to feel good. Even those folks who say they don’t care, really do want to feel good, healthy, well. In my years of doing holistic health work I have come to realize that feeling good comes in many ways. It comes from strong relationships, a fulfilling job, connection with others. It also comes in the form of satisfaction you feel when you have been on a consistent workout routine, or healthy eating regimen. These all lead to feeling good – mentally and physically.

And I believe so deep to my core that when you feel good mentally and physically you do more.

When you are happy, fit, content, conscious, clear, you feel good about yourself. And this feel good gives you more of a desire to help others, to be kind, and do your very best in your personal and professional life.

That kind of doing just makes the world a better place.


As a professional organizer, I have learned that having order in your living and working spaces is a key component to making all of those components of feeling good come to fruition. With order your mind is clear. You often feel a sense of accomplishment with tasks because you are able to complete them with more efficiency. You feel better physically and mentally in your space because you can move through it with ease. And you are able to use your time wisely to make room for important health components like cooking, working out, and meditating.

This organization component contributes greatly to how you view “getting” healthy and feeling good. And because of the calm and quiet that organization brings it contributes to you actually doing the work to be healthy.

Health and well-being in all areas of your life become infinitely easier to obtain when your physical and mental space is organized.

My years of experience tell me this is not only true but perhaps even the first stop on the road to wellness.

You see, over the years I have learned a great deal about what it means to be organized. Not just the different kinds of systems or supplies that could potentially help a client breathe better in their space. But importantly, I have learned what that ability to breathe actually creates.

I have learned that people not only want to be organized, they want to feel all the things that come from organization.

They want to feel lightness, calm, less stress, more productivity, happiness, and fulfillment. And they want to feel as if what they do, and who they are makes a difference.

Organization helps bring about a sense of purpose for your life.


Stuff – the stuff you need, the stuff you don’t and all the stuff in between – can weigh on you. And you can feel that weight in your head, with your thoughts, and with the things in your physical space. You can get bogged down mentally and physically by your thoughts and things. And when that happens your path to wellness gets cluttered and confused. And unsure.

Organization helps you see things clearer.  It allows openness in your space and mind. Being organized means you are keeping and storing – whether in your head or your home – purposeful items in a way that makes sense to you. In doing so, you clear the path, open the road, and breathe easier.

And let’s face it, breathing easier is not something you should take for granted.

That is why I rebranded a year ago. Honestly.  I really feel as strong now as I did then that I needed to provide you a place to find information, programs and resources to help you breathe easier. And live more simply, with purpose and intention. It is what is all about.

And it is what I am about – teaching you how to “create a life you love”. Motivating you to work towards an awakened sense of physical, mental and spiritual well-being in your self and space, with your time and mind.  All so you can create a purposeful life. So you can feel good.  And therefore do good.

We need more good.  We need more people on top of their game, conscious and authentic, living life lite and with intention.
Organization is the key that will unlock your ability to be all of that, and more.
  • Rosemary Verri

    I love that. Good job!

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