The Way to a Verri Organized Office: Tenet 1

I see this all the time: folks trying to run a business, or manage a household without a proper, organized space in which to do so.  They might be able to get by for a short time, but in the long run, having an organized place somewhere in your home where you can manage your house and/or run your business, is what will bring you success.

And a feeling of sanity!

Regardless of whether you are managing the house or running a business, you deserve the best chance at success with your endeavors. Having an organized “office” area will help you achieve that. When it’s organized it means you can find what you need. You can store what you need to refer to, and address items of importance in a timely manner.  All of this makes your mind rest easier which in turn helps your business and/or your home run smoothly.

This is the piece I think people crave the most – a feeling of satisfaction with work and home, a sense of balance and calm despite all the moving parts of business and life, and less stress.

It is possible to create an office space in your home so you can achieve that feeling of satisfaction and all the benefits from having it be organized. Believe it or not, the size of your house or whether you have enough storage space doesn’t really matter. And it doesn’t matter what kind of business you run or how many kids you have.

To obtain it, it all starts with vision. It’s one of my first and most important tenet to organizing anything.

You must have a vision.

A vision allows you to see what you want, and importantly helps you make decisions easier on what should stay in the space, and what should not. Vision is the first step to organizing anything. And it is not a step to skip!

How can you clarify your vision?  Look at the space that would be, say your office, or the area from where you will run the house and ask yourself a few questions:

1. How do I want to feel in this space (calm, free, efficient)? And how do I want it to look (organized, open, welcoming)?
2. What is the purpose of this space?
3. What do I want to accomplish in this space? How do I see myself operating in this space?

You have to know, first, how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish in any space. Then you can start the work of removing what doesn’t inform that vision.  You can lighten your load of what doesn’t serve a purpose so that what does serve a purpose can rise to the surface.

That is what you will contain, and organize.  But you have to first start with a vision. And I suggest you really go to town on it. Add in some real fun in creating that vision by doing the work to design it. Go to furniture stores, pick up some decorating magazines, spend some time on Pinterest.  These will give you ideas for what an office can look like and elicit a feeling from you about what would help achieve the feeling you are looking for in that space.  They can also get you really excited to do the work needed to achieve that look and feel.

Your job in building the vision is to pay attention to how these pictures and staged furniture rooms make you feel.

Does this picture make you feel calm, like you could be productive? Does it make you feel inspired?

You may not have a huge window, or room for that purple chair but the colors of the space make you feel good.  And the style of the desk beckons you to work. The in-view systems (and no clutter!) make you feel organized, productive, in control.  This is all good information to have in building your vision.

Build it by paying attention to how color, styles and systems make you feel.  This will help you formulate your plan and get to work on creating the space you deserve.

Step one doesn’t offer much in the way of instant gratification but it is still a very important step. Especially if you are doing the work of organizing and decorating on your own. Start there and next week I’ll be back with the next important tenet for creating an organized, and efficient office space.


Need help creating your vision and getting your office space organized? Contact me and we’ll set up your free 30 minute phone consultation to get you going.

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