The limits of space: Why honoring it helps you be organized

I hear many excuses from people about why they just can’t get organized. And one that rises to the top often is space — they don’t have enough of it.

Having enough space to organize all you want to keep is a challenge.  And I feel quite empathetic to those who have a small home, with no closets, half an attic and a crawl space for a basement.  Yes, that is a challenge.  But getting organized is all about using the space you have the best you can.

Sometimes, we don’t see all the opportunities our space can provide because we’ve gone beyond its limits.

How much space we have isn’t always the issue. Setting limits is. Regardless of the size of your abode, you must respect the limits of your space.

 When it comes to clutter we often tell ourselves “I don’t have enough space”. Translation: “I have too much stuff!” If you don’t respect the limits of your home, or cupboards, or closet, or bookselves, or drawers then you will never have calm in those spaces. First step to decluttering – respect limits.” Peter Walsh

Having enough space isn’t always the real issue.  Having too much stuff to fit in your limited space is.

Don’t get down on your digs.

Consider doing this to honor your space:

1.Look at what is behind doors and in drawers and make sure what you are keeping makes sense for you and your space.

2.Lighten your load!  Remember, purging is freeing!


3.When making decisions on what stays and what goes, use the limits of your space as your guide. Make sure you like it, need it, use it. If all apply, use your space accordingly to make it fit!

You don’t always have control over the size of your space.  You do have control over what you put in it.

Do you have a space challenge?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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