Home sweet home: this is where your stuff is

Ahh, home sweet home. In organizing talk, this is one very important phrase.

When something has a convenient, logical, home – it means all is good with your belongings — and your mind.  You know what you have and, importantly, you can find it again!

And that is probably the best part of all.

No more frustration or stress or chaos for you at any time in the day.  Once you have designated a space for things — every thing — you can find them more easily…and often.

Determining the place has everything to do with what it is you are housing and how and when you are going to use that item/s.  You should give thought to this. When you fully understand an item’s purpose and how it fits into your life, you will store it more effectively.

When finding a home, remember to:

1.Use your good real estate and bad real estate properly. Store things you use often in a space where you can see them and/or reach for them more easily. Subsequently, store items you use infrequently in the spaces that are up high, out of reach, perhaps out of sight.

2.Know the limits of your space. Only keep things that fit in that space.  Don’t keep more than you will use!

3.Find the right space that works for you. “Homes” come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are more common in scope — like a file cabinet for files, or a drawer for most-often used supplies. Other “homes” are less conventional and perhaps more creative — like colorful file boxes on shelves, or supplies in fun, decorative bins.

The bottom line about choosing the best home is thinking about what feels good to you.  If a space feels good and right, you will use it.

And when things are put away in their home, nothing will feel sweeter.

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