The big box challenge – just in time for spring

Got clutter? These days, who doesn’t! And I say that with love. But I think the reality is that most of us have things in our home and office for which we can honestly say we have no use or need.  And we all have things hanging around the house that we don’t even like.

These things just take up space, and subconsciously (or consciously!) make us feel a little crazy, or out of control.

Clutter can do that.

Clutter is all that stuff you have, that doesn’t have a home, that is in the wrong spot.  {Of course, sometimes that “home” is the trash}. Things being in the wrong spot, not in a home, is one big reason you have clutter piling up in places.

Things come in to our space and we put things in the “wrong” spot because we don’t quickly make a decision on where it should go.  We might not even give thought to whether it truly deserves a place in your space.

When was the last time you questioned whether something had a true purpose, a real reason for being in your life and space?

When things come in, if we put them down and leave them “for just a minute”, we start the breeding process for clutter.

That minute turns into days. And all the while, more and more things come in. That clutter breeds clutter. And you are more likely to keep adding to what started out as one unmade decision.

Clear the clutter with this big box challenge

The time has come to make some decisions and get rid of that clutter.  Enter the “big box challenge”.

The rules are simple. You have until March 21 to fill a big ole brown box with stuff – stuff you don’t like, need or use. Your goal is to fill one box, maybe even two, before the start of spring.

Now don’t go choosing just any box. It should be a good size box like this one here:

Clear the clutter with this big box challenge

A good size box that you will fill means a good amount of things that will leave your house – soon!

To start, put your big box in your mudroom or near your front door. Then daily consciously walk through your space and determine at least one thing that no longer serves a purpose. Put it in that box.

The items that go in the box are up to you. They can be things you just bought, or things you’ve had for years. Bottom line: if you don’t like it, need it or use it, it’s new home is the big brown box.

The big box challenge is a way for you to clear your space of clutter that has been clogging it for too long.

Every day, if you find one or 2 things that belong in that box you’ll start to feel lighter.  Order begets order and it can feel quite addictive.  So you might find you fill that box in no time! And if you do, feel free to get another box and start again.

Put procrastination in it’s place and take this big box challenge! Bring the whole family in on it! (Each member can each have their own box, and it can be a race to see who fills it first!).

You deserve a lighter living space. And with spring around the corner now is a great time to start!

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