Why specificity is key when it comes to paper organization

Specificity.  I love saying that word. And as a professional organizer, I say that word a lot. I know that specificity is of the utmost importance when it comes to finding what you need, and staying on top of all that you have to do.

Especially when paper is part of the equation.

When it comes to keeping an office space organized, specificity is the name of the game.

I had a client who had not one, but two file folders stuffed and labeled “everything”.  Yes, everything.  As if that tells you anything. Or allows you to find anything easily – let alone at all.

When it comes to organizing paper you must be specific in how you label!

Whether you are labeling a file folder or a hanging folder or a basket you have to make sure you are specific. Call it what it is! Your label should correspond to the contents of the folder – even if what is inside is one piece of paper.

Don’t use the term miscellaneous or “stuff”, or even “to do”.

There is no specificity there.

When you aren’t specific your brain isn’t guided to focus, and it can’t easily find what it is looking for. When it is time to look for anything — you won’t find it in “everything”.

Your brain deserves a break, and an easier way of navigating the things you deem important to do. So, be specific when you label.

It might sound like a tiny, perhaps unimportant step. But alas, it is not! That tiny step has great power to save you time and energy, and help you find what you need with ease.

And that alone makes it worth it.

Trust me.

If you need help with specificity for your home/office, connect with me. I love to do what makes your head hurt.

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  • Peg Dooley

    Now, Francesca, if your dear mother sewed you would be all set…and you may have been sewing as well…never too late whether all your sewing needs are specifically in separate containers or not. I would advise, however, that all supplies be in close proximity to one another. ENJOY!!
    Do pass this on the Rosemary. Thank you.

    • Francesca

      Hi Peg! Yes, I plan on learning – I might as well since my daughter will be. 🙂 My mother did teach me how to sew basic things, but a sewing machine? That is another whole ball of wax! 😉 Thanks for reading! f.

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