You know you’re organized when: 6 truths of an organized home

One amazing benefit and truth about being organized is actually pretty simple: when you can find what you need, when you need it, without stress and frustration, you exist in the world in a happier, calmer, more efficient way. Period.

And existing in the world that way is just plain ole fun.  Don’t you think?

Getting to that point where you can really breathe easily, knowing you are fully prepared to catch the many curve balls life throws does take time.

You have to think through, and decide on what should stay (and where it should go). And you need to spend some time discovering what fits in your life, and what doesn’t. But once you get there, staying organized is about consistent effort to question what comes in and tidy up daily.  You do this, and organization in your home is yours.

And the fun begins!

Having an organized home means a lot of things can happen – naturally – to make your life happy.

Here are 6 of my top truths about what having an organized home means for your life.

1. You can prepare your taxes in a few week’s time.

This means you have the appropriate “current year tax” files set up so throughout the year you have a place to put all the paper that relates to those taxes. No need to spend months sorting through papers and receipts. You have what you need, more at your fingertips than not. And you can breathe.  Breathing is good.

2. Entertaining is a breeze (even on short notice).

This means there is minimal preparation needed in order to have a few people over to the house for a drink and some appetizers. No need to use a forklift to clear off the counters, or spend any brain power searching for serving pieces. Your mind is clear enough to conceive of an easily-prepared menu, and importantly, you are able to relax and enjoy the time spent with your guests. As well, you don’t break out in a cold sweat when someone drops by on short notice. Nope. With everything in it’s place you can open the door embarrassment-free, and welcome them in, no sweat.

3. Cleaning and tidying up takes minutes not hours.

This is a big one. The ability to tidy up easily (and doing it often) is what helps you stay organized for like…ever. Cleaning and tidying in minutes means there is a home for everything in that space. And having a clear home for everything means you can easily, and quickly, put things back where they belong when you are finished using items.  Being able to tidy up in minutes also means you don’t have too much!  You aren’t inviting things into your spaces that you don’t need, use (or even like), or have space for. Bottom line: Tidying up in minutes, not hours, saves you time. And more time means room for more fun.

4. You can find what you need, and so can everyone else in the house.

This means you aren’t stressed looking for a clean shirt, a bill you know needs paying, or the car keys.  And no one else is stressed either. Kids can find their clarinet, favorite toy or library book easily. Your partner can find the leftover chili you put in the fridge or the dry cleaning you brought home. Why? Because you have designated a home for these things and everything else that comes in. In fact, you could direct anyone – friend or family or relative stranger even – to find those items easily. And that kind of delegation can save you a whole lot of stress…and time. Talk about a win.

5. All of your flat surfaces are clear.

This means beds, floors, desktops, counters are clear of clutter, dirty laundry, random projects, and yesterday’s mail. When your flat surfaces are clear the spaces are open, tidy, neat and welcoming. And that just means you can think more clearly, make decisions easier, and choose healthy lifestyle endeavors more consistently.  You “do” more when you have space – mentally and physically – available.

6. You can move freely from room to room – even in the dark!

This means you can lose the power, or wake up at 3am to use the loo without turning the light on and be at ease getting from point A to point B. Even in broad daylight or with the lights on you aren’t tripping over dirty laundry or stubbing your toes on children’s toys {hello Truth #5!}. There are no obstacles in your way. Just clear and wide open highway to wherever you need to go.

There are many other tell-tale signs that you are an organized person, living in an organized space. This list is not exhaustive. But start with my top 6 to guide you as you work towards having an organized home.

How close are you to saying that these truths are true of your space?  Let me know in the comments how you are doing and where you’ve had success.

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