Six habits for a happier home, and a happier life.

There is a way to achieve a happier home and it doesn’t have to do with buying more stuff. Or even, dare I say it, letting go. {I know how blasphemous that sounds coming from a minimalist coach. But hear me out.}

Of course, when you let go of things that weigh heavy on your head or clutter your space you do create space. And creating space is but one very good way to see all the possibilities available for your home. And to you in your life.

But most people want to know that aside from doing all the more tedious and often time-consuming work they can still achieve a level of happiness in their home.

And they can.

Six Habits for a Happier Home

These six habits will help you do more in your space, move forward with your life goals, and have a much happier home.

1. Tidy up

Being tidy or the act of tidying up means you easily put things back where they belong leaving your space neat, and quiet.  It isn’t about never having your space get to a disheveled or chaotic place. Rather about the ability to return it to normalcy, where it can function as the welcoming, calming – happy – entity is meant to, without too much angst.

And that should be the goal – to use your space and your things, be active and present in the “doing” of life, and in the end be able to restore things to continue to appreciate your space and your place in it.

Happier Home

The good news about this task is you can do it even if you’re disorganized. When you wash dishes that are in the sink (and put them away), straighten up the family room, clean the counters, put away files, put dirty clothes in a laundry basket, and clean clothes in a dresser you level your playing field and can start the next task, or day more calmly. It’s a natural home-happiness inducer.

2. Make your bed.

You might think this falls under the “tidy up” category but in fact, it is a task that when made habitual can set a positive tone for your day. Every day. Making your bed isn’t a punishment. It is an action that breathes life into your space and into how you “do” your day. It breeds order and the good feeling that order brings you follows you through your day.

happier home

Making the task of making your bed a rote, non-negotiable habit you do daily gives you an instant jolt of satisfaction when you complete the task in the first place. And that alone infuses confidence in how you approach everything that follows. Just like you wouldn’t think about starting your day not having brushed your teeth or drunk a cup of coffee, you shouldn’t think of starting your day without making your bed.

3. Quiet your mind.

Making this habitual has dual benefits. First, when you quiet your mind daily you re-calibrate. It is that re-calibration that can make all the difference in attending more sanely and solidly to decision-making, upset colleagues or family members, and your triggers and fears.

happier home

Quiet your mind ten minutes a day, perhaps a few times a day to change the vibration. Go out for a short walk, take a quick cat nap, write a letter to a friend, or pick up the phone and talk to one. Doing so allows you to refocus differently when either continuing a task or starting a new one.

When you quiet your mind you create space for more knowing and more love to usher in, and therefore much more happiness.

4. Connect with your people.

My mother used to always tell me if I got married and had children as much as possible sit and eat dinner – together. Life gets busy. Schedules are all over the place. Things can feel too messy to be able to stop and check in with yourself and those with whom you might share a living space. But connection creates happiness.

If it can’t be dinnertime, find even a small 10-minute period of time where you can connect with family or friends. Use the time to touch base, hear about their day, and share with them yours. Communication is grounding. And grounding offers a feeling of safety that always brings with it a sense of joy.

Connection is a basic need that when fulfilled creates happiness over and over again.

5. Do the basics well.

By the basics, I mean eating and sleeping. I believe much of your unhappiness in life in general comes from eating a poor diet that leaves you feeling bloated and unhealthy. And it comes from lack of sleep. Choosing foods that provide you enough nourishment and making it a priority to get the sleep necessary for your body to rejuvenate plays a large role in your overall health and wellness. These basics are integral to how you feel internally. And how you feel internally often affects those around you.

If you want a happier home, do the basics well. Minimize the foods that make you sluggish and inflamed. Take out what is unnecessary and add in what makes you feel most alive. And for goodness sake, prioritize getting enough sleep.

6. Be grateful

Happiness at home is always present when gratitude abounds. Show gratitude for the physical structure you are lucky enough to have over your head, keeping you protected. And for the people and things that grace its presence. When you are grateful for all that you own, and for the people who are in your life you feel happier. And that permeates your dwelling.

The way to a happier home is within your reach. And when you create the habits that help you attain it you pave the way for a happier life.


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