You can be organized: 4 tips to get you started

In the 20 years that I have been doing this work I have learned a thing or two about getting organized.  And I am very sure that part of the how-to in getting organized is about believing it is possible. The reality is, it is half the battle. I often tell people, if they believe they can be organized, they will be on their way to order.

In fact, I have found that so many people I talk to really have no idea that organization is learned.  But you see, organization is not a skill only some people are blessed with.

Organization is something we can all learn about. It can be yours.  You just have to choose it.

Due to the fact that clutter is suffocating, it is hard to see the possibility of order.  However, the possibility is there. And organization is do-able when it is your choice.

Here are some tips to help you on your quest towards order:

1. Intend.

I know I just said this above but it bares repeating.  Getting organized is about your belief in your ability to be organized.  Without it, you are a in a row boat… with no oar.  There might even be a small leak in the boat.  Believing in your ability to be organized matters.  When it gets tough, that belief will help you continue to move forward.

2. Move.

Yup, you are going to have to take some action.  You get stumped because you don’t know where to start.  You look at the whole, huge, cluttered mess, and you don’t start at all. When you look at the whole project, the whole office, or the whole house, it can be overwhelming and it is harder to see how your goal can be achieved. You must start small. Take baby steps.  They rock.

You can be organized: Small steps matter!

3. Read.

There are a ton of great organizing books out there that will motivate you and give you some good advice on where and how to start.  I love anything by Peter Walsh. And of course, my favorite book is Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke.  It is a must-read. Period.

4. Ask.

There are plenty of people out there who love to do what makes your head hurt.  I happen to be one of them.  Ask for help!  If it isn’t me you want to talk to, call your friend with the most organized house, or call your mother. If she is like my mom she is bound to have a few tips and a boatload of support to offer you.

And if it is me you want to talk to, I’d be most happy! You get a free 30-minute phone consultation by going here! It’s a great way for you to start. And that is what I want for you — a good, solid start towards an organized life.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s get you organized!

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