Oh the places you’ll go: Why being organized will take you places

You have heard the saying “you are what you eat”. When you think about how food really does create you, how it becomes your cells — your hair, your organs, your blood — that statement really starts to resonate more.

It makes sense why people might not think about the food they eat as actually creating all those cells in the body. That stuff is under the “hood”, as I say. And it’s easy to ignore what is really going on.

But there is a lot going on. And we really should listen to our bodies to understand it more fully.

I believe the food you eat does one of 2 things: it either nourishes or it doesn’t. Choosing poorly makes a big difference — perhaps not immediately for some but definitely in the long run for all.

And the same goes for organization.

Having order in living and working spaces fuels you. It nourishes your soul because it helps your brain keep things straight. And when the brain feels in order, you do more, think more clearly, and are more easily able to make healthy choices.

Like eating unhealthy food, having clutter and excess in your home, your office, even in your thoughts does not nourish you — not physically or mentally. Disarray is like an anti-nutrient for your body and soul.  And sometimes, we don’t “see” the effects immediately of living in chaos and clutter. But like poor nutrition choices, it will catch up to you.

Organization, like whole, nutrient-dense foods, work in tandem.  They both make you well.

And they both have the power to take you places.


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