Why momentum is key to achieving anything

You want to get organized. Or you want to change your lifestyle to incorporate more wellness activities. Maybe you want to change careers, or write a book. These are all worthy endeavors, not necessarily easy – but all do-able, especially when momentum has been created.

Being do-able means you can have hope that your goal can be achieved. Having hope, of course will not miraculously complete the goal. It takes a whole lot of time and energy to fulfill multilayered goals. And more so it takes clarity of purpose.

Knowing “why” you want to make change or create anything – whether a life’s path or blog post – is what gets you on the path.

And momentum is what keeps you on the path.

It’s that little push that lurches you even slightly forward. It is what keeps you feeling accomplished while getting you to your next step. And the next step is what gets you to your goal – the finish line of sorts.

{I say of sorts because I don’t really like to think of getting to the end of project or reaching a goal as reaching a finish line. Because there always more projects and goals for which you strive – I hope – it creates a feeling or more infinite possibilities if it is call a benchmark, or a milestone. After all, the muck you have to wade through to complete a goal often yields more – learning,  thinking, opportunities to continue to create – whether it is a thing, a thought or something in your self}.

Momentum is magic.

It is not instant gratification. Although you can feel a sense of that quickly when you get started. But in general, momentum is meant to be more like a seat in first class on a trip to Australia. The journey is long and momentum is your ability to stretch your legs and get comfortable on your journey.

How do you gain momentum? Try these easy steps:

1. Start small

Breaking down big tasks and goals into smaller, manageable parts makes everything feel less daunting. Just remember how you eat an elephant.  You’d never try that in one fell swoop. So why would you do so for “getting organized” or “getting happy” – equally daunting tasks?  The answer is, you wouldn’t.  So break your tasks down and list them out so you can see them. What you can clearly see you can more easily put into action.


2. Schedule it in

Scheduling tasks makes them a reality. At the least it makes it more likely that you will do the task. You know that saying “if you build it they will come?” Yes, well, same concept. If you schedule time in (even small chunks of time) to work on said task you will make progress.  And create momentum. {Which is the goal here, remember?}

3. Share your progress

Sharing your mini milestones and task completions makes them real or at least holds you accountable. It also allows you to track your progress and progress can feel like baby boosts of instant gratification. We all need that from time to time. Tell your BFF, your mother, or even just yourself {hello journaling}, and be filled with that little high of having completed a part of the whole.

One added tip: hire a professional.

Hiring a coach to motivate and support you as you falter and gain ground is a great way to push that pendulum ever so slightly. And keep that momentum moving in your favor.

When you gain momentum you have to just keep going, building on it, making more perfect-enough progress.  Once that momentum starts swinging in your favor you start to feel unstoppable.

And you are unstoppable. Get that momentum going! And I promise you, the sky is the limit for where you can go and how many goals you can reach.


If you want help getting the pendulum to swing in your favor let’s work together! Schedule your free 30 minute phone/Face Time chat to get started!

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