Tracking progress: How working with my client made me do this

Of all the work I have done over the past 17 years helping people organizing their time, mind, and space, one thing I have not done well: take before and after pictures of my work!

Lately, I have been making a much better effort to take the time to snap a few pictures before I dive right in to the work. Usually, I get started and want to keep moving and making progress. In fact, that is one reason why I love doing this work: I love making progress and seeing things go from cluttered to calm.

But I will find myself halfway through making good progress and realize that I never documented our starting point.

It’s so annoying.

Documenting in this way can be so helpful, especially when it comes to the tracking progress. That in itself is such a motivating tools because it helps me show my clients how far we have come in doing this often tedious, emotional, and overwhelming work.

Videos can have the same affect. Perhaps even better!  With a video you can really see what’s going on.  Making videos, as I have told you before, is really something I enjoy doing. And a few weeks ago, when a client suggested I take a video of her son’s closet before we really started to do any work, it hit me: perfect way to document and have some fun with video production in the process.

Dare I say I almost had too much fun putting this video together?

And see here is what happened after I did that. I got an itch {occupational hazzard} to do some work on my own closet – the bathroom closet to be exact. It was, after all, starting to really drive me nuts – feeling all miscellaneous and unkempt.

So I tackled it! And guess what?  I made a video before I started…and after! {I’m getting good at this video-documenting thing!} 

I have to say, the end result of this space is definitely quite pretty.  Take a look!

It’s your turn! Do you have a closet that looked as cluttered as my before picture did? Take a picture! Feel free to share it with me and then get to work on making it the calm, efficient space you deserve.

Have questions about this video? Ask away in the comments below!

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  • Gillian

    Great post and I love how REAL you are on the video’s.

    • Francesca

      Thank you Gillian!

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