Yes instant gratification is possible, even necessary sometimes

I haven’t always been a very patient person when it comes to getting what I know I want. I am totally into instant gratification. Getting things – right now – feels good, as it should.  But I have learned, especially when it comes to order and wellness, that “right now” isn’t always possible – or necessary.  And it’s important to recognize that.

Whether I am working hands on with someone to organize their office or house, or working in a coaching capacity to help someone make changes to their lifestyle in order to live more vibrantly and well, patience is always needed because it is all a process – a journey.  And part of the success and learning comes from the journey.  If it were possible to snap your fingers and fix everything, I am not so sure you’d get the same lesson.

Actually, I’m positive you wouldn’t.

In the game of getting well and organized patience is key.  Taking time to listen to what you want and how you feel is key.  And as we move along – whether by weeks or months or years – finding ways to be grateful for all the changes that happen (and they do happen) and find peace in that journey is really what makes up living – and living well. Which I’d say is…key. Wouldn’t you?

But there is room for some instant happiness.  Some instant gratification that gives you a boost, a pat on the back, a way to say “keep staying the course, you are doing great.”  There is a way to give you a “feel-good”.  Everyone needs them from time to time.

instant gratification.listHere are a few quick feel-goods you can give yourself:

1. Put things on your list that can easily be done.  Like the cartoon above, the act of crossing things off is a massage for your soul!  It’s not cheating, it’s being smart.  You can make you feel good.  Do it!

2. Drink water.  One of the best and easiest ways to give your body what it needs is to drink water.  Sounds silly but our body is made up of mostly water!  We don’t drink enough and are walking around dehydrated more than anything.  Just drink more water.  It’s an easy, quick way to make yourself feel better.

3. Make your bed.  {If you didn’t think I was nuts before you probably do now}.  Making your bed is the quickest way to put some order in your space.  And order breeds order.  It takes no time at all.  Doesn’t even really require any patience!  It is a quick “to do” that you can easily check off your list – giving you a short cut to instant gratification. The effects of it last all through the day.  And at the end of the day – nothing feels better than coming into a neat[er], more tidy room and getting into a nicely made bed.  Don’t believe me?  Try it for 10 days straight.  Let me know how you do in the comments below!

Give yourself moments of instant gratification.  And be proud of those moments cause they are about living in the present – for the now.  A little feel-good gives you that pat on the back you deserve.  And the boost to continue doing the good work you were meant to do.

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  • Rosemary Verri

    Excellent. That all works; I know! Couldn’t be simpler for a big reward!

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