Spring cleaning? Start here.

When I was in high school, I started my own cleaning business {shocking, I know}. I loved then what I love now — the opportunity to put things back where they belong, tidy up, and leave things shiny and clean.
To be clear, I am not a neat freak, trust that. Nor do I mind things being out of order and I don’t mind that the house gets dirty — it is a sign we are living. But I also don’t mind having to clean in order to return an area to it’s original state of order and calm.  So it is no wonder that one of the suggestions I make to people when they are looking to feel more organized and tidy is to clean.

Clean something.  Anything!

It’ll give you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and even a little instant gratification — which we all love and need from time to time.
And now that it is spring, it is time.
Spring is the time for new beginnings. And because of it, a great time to clear some space, and push away the clutter that is likely holding you back from getting a good, peaceful, calm start to spring.

Or to a happier, freer life.

Obviously I am a fan of literally cleaning — like the windows and floors and giving everything a really good wash down. But the kind of cleaning I am talking about as we fully enter into spring is a bit deeper than a good deep clean.
I want you to clear physical, mental, and scheduling space. They are, in fact, a perfect place to start to encourage a new beginning.
  1. Clear your physical space.

    Don’t take on every physical space, please.  Just pick an area that looks like it needs a good clearing. Maybe it is the kitchen table or counters that are filled with last week’s mail. Or your bedroom that has piles of clothes littering the floor and the bed.  Pick one area in that space that feels chaotic. If something adds value to your space, or your life, keep it.  If not, discard it, or donate it to someone else who needs it more than you do. Question why you have something and what is its purpose. When you do that, you become a more mindful consumer, and more conscious about how you want to live.  You keep clutter at bay and set the stage for healthy and happy living.

  2. Clear your mental space.

    Is there someone or something you have in your life that is draining your energy? Perhaps you feel weighed down by a relationship or an item that conjures up old, painful, or just negative emotions. This is clutter. And as difficult as it can be to “purge” your life of these people and things, you deserve to feel better. Take a look at your relationships, the things in your space that carry heavy and negative memories and emotions. Consider purging them from your life. This clears the path for you to invest yourself in people and things that energize you and give you life – not take it away.

  3. Clear your schedule.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if from time to time we could just burn our schedule and all the “to dos” on it? I don’t want you to shirk your responsibilities. But I do think we need to pare down our calendars. We need to be sure we have time for our selves and our loved ones.  Often we say “yes” so much that our schedule ends up being packed with commitments that – let’s face it – aren’t always necessary. We have to learn to say “no”. We have to clear the nonessential so we can see more clearly what matters most. And make room for them more easily.

Doing these will give you a fresh start to this season. They will help you get “clean” and importantly, help you to more consciously choose a happier, freer, lighter life.

Spring is a time to clean, for sure.

And most definitely for new beginnings.

  • Rosemary Verri


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