The case for a minimalist lifestyle

Minimalism gets a bad rap. I say that, of course, because as a minimalist lifestyle coach and professional organizer, I have run into my fair share of neigh-sayers. I have met, worked, and spoken with a lot of people who have plenty to say about what they think minimalism is. And often when I tell them what it isn’t, those same people change their tune.

When I explain that on a very basic level, living a minimalist lifestyle is about keeping what brings you joy, what makes you happy, and all the things you need – and use – it starts to make sense. It isn’t, after all, about having nothing or spaces that are empty. Instead, it is about enoughness.

Minimalism promotes having enough, but not so much that you can’t move freely in your space, or think clearly in your head.

The case for a minimalist lifestyle that I so vehemently subscribe to is actually quite easy to understand: it is nothing more than deliberately keeping the thoughts, things, and people, who add something positive to your life.


When thought of like that it starts to take on a different meaning.

Deliberate of course is the operative word.

Making deliberate choices, and living intentionally is a necessity that is often overlooked. And it is a necessity because the only way to fill real human needs is to purposefully decide what you want in and for your life.

The case for living a minimalist life.


There is fear around doing this – fear of judgment, and making mistakes. There is fear of letting go of not just physical stuff but the limiting thought patterns that have become familiar.

Familiarity can feel like love. But it isn’t always the case.

If you want to feel fulfilled at a higher level you must stop trying to fill that need with physical things that can’t do the job. The reality is you are the architect of your life. You aren’t necessarily taught that and it can be hard to see, what with all of the information darting towards you – constantly. It can be hard to decide and decipher – know and then let go of – what doesn’t make you feel happy, and light, and completely yourself.

But you are the architect. You do have the power to choose what belongs in your life, in your space, in your head. And that is, in fact, where the case for minimalism becomes important and evident. It is where its imperative need in the world today shines.

When you are courageous in the face of clutter and too much of any kind, and you let go, you free yourself and open yourself up to experience life on your terms. Living your life that way means you are open to happiness and joy. You are willing to grow and learn more about what else there is for you in your one, wild precious life.

The case for living a minimalist lifestyle is so much more than being able to breathe into your space and navigate it freely without clutter or confusion. It is more than what people assume it might be.

The case for minimalism is about finding yourself in the openness afforded when you let go of everything else that is holding you down.

Minimalism is much more than having white walls, clear counters, and a plethora of seemingly wide open spaces.

It is about living your life in a way that adds meaning and creates impact for you, and the world.

Regardless of what stage of life you are in, there is always time to create it, live it light and happy. And, importantly, live it with the freedom to explore and experience all that it has to offer.


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