Make room for living, stop filling the spaces

This might sound familiar: you declutter after the holidays or for spring cleaning, or because you are just so overwhelmed with all of your crap. You lighten your spaces and make many trips to the donation center. And you feel good.

Really good.

And then what do you do? You fill those cleared-out spaces! Slowly but surely you let clutter in; you stop asking questions. You go right back to your old ways. And you fill every cleared-out space.

To make room for living you must stop filling the spaces!

You didn’t go through the hard work of deciding on what to declutter to then just fill the spaces again, did you?  I think not. And yet this is what happens to so many people. If this resonates with you, I promise you, you aren’t alone.

When you do the work of clearing clutter you might just be left with empty shelves or drawers. That, my friends, is a beautiful thing! And instead of filling the spaces, I suggest, you embrace the space and use it to make room for living.  Let the “space” allow you to actively “do” life (literally and figuratively).

This idea of making space for life is what is tricky for many folks. They don’t know what making space for actual living means. We are so used to not having freedom in our space that we don’t know how to use the open space for our betterment. Having clear, uncluttered, and open space feels out of place. It feels odd.

But creating that space is important nonetheless.

Making space for more life means your head quite literally is free. You are free from the heaviness and stress that often comes along with “too much”.  It’s not as tangible a benefit so you might not think it is important. But it is.

When you clear your space of the things you don’t like, need, or use, you clear your mind. And you give it somewhat of a vacation from all the work it must do. The work of making sense of stuff, and navigating spaces cluttered with that stuff.

That is hard, tiring work. And it will catch up with you!

Making space for life means when you aren’t wasting time making sense of the clutter in your head or your home which allows you time to do more of what makes you happy. You have more time to do more of the things that offer meaning in your life.

Time certainly is precious! In fact, your perception of time gets so skewed when in the presence of clutter, that when you have clear, open spaces, you will feel like you have more time. (And actually will have more time).

The way to live the life you want to live is fairly straightforward. But you have to do the work first. The work of letting go of the unnecessary, the purposeless. You must let go and allow your space to open up.

That is when you will get more from your space. And more from your life within that space and beyond.

Open up your space so you can breathe. And experience life. There is no need to fill every open area – not in your head, with your time, or in your physical surroundings.

Create space; don’t fill it. And once you create it, sit with it.  Take your time. Allow the openness to bring you more clarity.

And then embrace the freedom to do more living.


Need help making room for more living? 👇🏼


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