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    Francesca Verri is Verri Awesome! I was diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis and severe lumbar arthritis over a year ago. I was living with constant chronic pain. I had diabetes that I was trying to keep under control with food and exercise and Hashimoto’s disease. My doctor’s only advice for the chronic pain was to take high doses of a nerve medication and receive injections of corticosteroids every 3 months for the pain. The medications limited my ability to enjoy daily activities and exercise. But one of the last appointments with my doctor was warning me that, without this medication, I might end up in a wheelchair within the next year or two.

    I went to Francesca because I was at my wit’s end. She looked at my diet and suggested a plan of going completely sugar free and adopting a complete Paleo lifestyle for at least 30 days. I agreed to make the adjustments and to give a try to being completely Paleo. Within 4 days of following the plan, I noticed my lumbar spine no longer hurt. I was astounded, and it was clear my body was responding very quickly.

    I came off the nerve medication, no more ice packs—my life began to return to normal, even better than before. I’ve noticed a ton of positive changes: steady weight loss, clearer skin, no pain, normal A1C levels, no diabetes, normal blood pressure readings, better digestion. I can’t say enough of what this has done for me.

    I also consulted Francesca with my fitness goals. She is phenomenal! Francesca has a love for helping others feel well, and coaches not only around food but around organizing living and working spaces as it leads to better lifestyle choices, which in turn lead to better health.

    Whatever your wellness goal, Francesca will guide you and support you in sticking to it! And you will not only be able to overcome health issues (like I did) but you will see a whole new and improved way of living.

    Jacky, Massachusetts

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