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    Thanks to Francesca, I am confident inviting clients, friends and family members into my office/living space. Before Francesca’s intervention, the mere thought of going into my space had me feeling anxious, stressed and suffocated, and I was not confident having visitors of any kind in there. In fact, it was embarrassing to have Francesca see how I was living my life.

    I had accumulated so much “stuff” because I simply did not know how to let go of things. Remarkably, I was not getting rid of anything and was still trying to fit even more stuff in my space. Francesca helped me see that it was okay and actually healthy to let go of things, that taking shelves off the wall opened up the room and took the metaphorical weight off my shoulders, relocating collectibles and trinkets uncluttered my mind and room, throwing away and donating items lightened my load, and rearranging the furniture in my space improved its functionality as well as my own. It is hard to put into words what is profoundly emotional, but without

    Francesca’s compassion, understanding, motivation and professionalism, I would still be sitting in the middle of my floor clueless as to how to help my business and myself. What she does for you, your business, your family, or your personal life, is nothing short of amazing.

    Alexandra, Concord, MA

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