To say that Francesca saved my life would be understating the fact that she added years to my life. By following Francesca’s instructions, I am on my way to a cleaner, healthier life.

    One and half years ago, I was diagnosed with severe high blood pressure, so severe that my doctor wanted to admit me to the hospital. I felt completely fine. But as my nurse and doctor explained, hypertension is a quiet killer. So I was put on blood pressure medication. For someone who doesn’t like taking pills of any sort, I dreaded this necessary solution.

    Then I met Francesca. She came into my home and showed me a healthier way by looking at my eating habits and suggesting sustainable solutions. She was there every step of the way, coaching me through the tough times when my body was detoxing. Having Francesca as my resource has been invaluable. She educated me on food portions, what to eat, and when. All of this to helped my body get the most nutrition out of my food. She continuously coached me on how to handle situations where it might have been difficult to eat clean and suggested different ways to manage these situations.

    Before Francesca, my energy level was not there. I would hit a wall around 3PM and needed a pick me up. Now that I’m eating healthier and clean, the nutrition I get from my food gives me the energy I need until dinnertime. The changes have been dramatic. I feel amazing, mentally and physically. I’ve lost over 35 pounds (close to my high school weight). Mentally, I am more focused and I feel like I can add to conversations instead of checking out. All of this progress in just 4 months.

    When I see Francesca now I want to give her a big hug. I know that what she has done for me you cannot put a price on. Thank you Francesca!

    Keith, Westford, MA

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