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    The day you left my reorganized house I absolutely felt lighter and more in control of my space and my life. You flew to Chicago and we organized my condo top to bottom, working around out-of-town family guests and my active work and social schedule. It was well worth the time and I could not have done it as easily by myself.

    I will never return to the chaos of before because now I have systems in place to help me stay organized. When the paper piles starts to grow, I know just how to remedy the problem? I file or shred! Everything has a place! And being able to see what I own helps me focus on and appreciate how much I do have. In an odd way, getting organized has helped me count my blessings! So while I might have been able to do this on my own (or not!), and could have hired someone in Chicago to do this, it was worth it to me to fly in someone I trust, and someone I knew would do the job exceedingly well.

    Kimberly, Chicago,IL

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