I reached out to work with Francesca at a time I was considering changing careers. The prospect of going to graduate school full time felt overwhelming and impossible to achieve. Not only did I need help in organizing all of the details required in applying to graduate school, financial aid, setting time lines and taking entrance exams–but Francesca helped me take an honest inventory of my current skill set to look at my stregnths that could be applied to moving forward with my dreams.

    I write this in my final semesters of graduate school about to enter my intership year of becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor having switched from the trades as a chef. Francesca made the foundation steps of this academic journey manageable and we set specific, realistic goals each step of the way. She held my hand through the scariest of times in this journey and gave me the support I needed to step into my truth. She is generous in spirit and wisdom to help clients walk the path towards their highest potential.

    Karen, Ashby, MA

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