Francesca Verri is exactly what I needed to begin to view my life differently and make positive changes in the right direction. I started working with Francesca around the same time as I was embarking on a complete redo of my home. She made me realize that holding on to ‘stuff’ that is no longer relevant to one’s life because it may be useful someday, or is too painful to sort through, or because it brings back memories of happy times, is really ‘mind clutter’ as well. She imparted these lessons with absolutely no judgment, with empathy and an extremely realistic attitude.

    The realization that I have gotten through a task that has been on my ‘to do’ list for five years brings me an immense sense of accomplishment. My children have also embarked on sorting through their prized possessions with a sense of excitement and believe it or not, look forward to Francesca’s visits! This process of streamlining my life by letting go of what doesn’t work and organizing what does is making me see all the possibilities ahead. Thank you, Francesca! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    Esha, Acton, MA

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