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    Francesca Verri is the best investment I’ve ever made! As a full-time mother of 2 young children, my clutter and disorganization was standing between me and what I really wanted to accomplish and I was setting a poor example for my kids. I had tried many “band aids” and organizing tricks and even other organizers, but nothing ever stuck. Thankfully, I came across Verri Organized.

    Francesca was different. She was able to get to the root of the problem very quickly and show me step-by-step how to turn it all around. She taught me how to think differently, and helped me change years of unproductive habits — all with compassion, kindness and good humor. A basement that had been neglected for years was turned into a wonderful play area, and my cluttered, inefficient home office became an orderly sanctuary. I even gained an entire room on the main floor of my house!

    I started out wanting to gain space in my home, but what I really gained was space in my brain. Now I can use my mind to think about the things that really matter, instead of wasting valuable energy trying to wade my way through the mess.

    Best of all, my organized home has given my kids much more independence. Now that they understand where to find their things, they are more responsible for their own coats, hats, toys and clothes… and even get their own breakfast!

    I couldn’t be happier with the systems that Francesca helped me create. I can’t wait to have her work with my kids to create similar systems in their closets and bedrooms. The ability to create a restful, organized environment is an absolutely essential life skill, and one that has been well worth investing the time and money to learn, for them and for me!

    Thank you Francesca!

     Laura, Hollis, NH

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