Five Fundamental beliefs on living life well

Not too long ago, in a marketing course I was taking, I learned of the importance of having a set of core fundamental beliefs. It was suggested that having these basic beliefs was a foundational need to more accurately create content that would help my reader and viewer the most.

In crafting these basic fundamental beliefs I realized how important they are collectively to living life well.  They are beliefs that set a standard for living live on purpose. And serve as the basis for how I teach others to do the same.

My Five Fundamental Beliefs on Living Life Well.

1. A clear vision makes it easier to create.

If you want to feel a lightness in your life, not feel rushed, stressed, or saddled by the messiness inherent in living a full life you must have a clear vision of what you want for your life and be clear on how you want to feel in your space and life.

To gain clarity:

  • Journal or meditate on what you want in your life, how you want to feel, and who you want to be.
  • Declutter your mental and physical spaces. Lighten your load of what crowds and confuses so you are freer decipher, decide, determine, and get crystal clear on what you want.

When you craft your vision and are clear on what you want in and for your life, you can more easily match that up against what you harbor in your head or keep physically in your space. Clarity allows you to see if those thoughts and things deserve a place in your space.

2. Being willing is a key component of making progress.

To create a life you love and live it well you must be willing to change, learn, and grow. This core belief will benefit any endeavor you undertake. It gives you unwritten permission to take slowly what might be daunting. It allows you to lean into what is scary.

Being willing says, “I’ll give it a try”. Trying, putting in the effort, and seeing where you end up is a key component in making progress on your in-progress life.

3. Anything can be learned.

Everything about living your life well is learned. Getting organized, adopting a minimalist mindset, building better habits, speaking another language, baking a pie – they are all learned skills. When you embrace learning you move forward.

Don’t let obstacles, challenges and fear get it the way of your growth. There is nothing you can’t figure out. Embrace learning and you welcome in possibility.

midlife minimalism

4. Letting go is the linchpin to creating a life you love.

Having too much in your space or head prevents you from seeing clearly who you want to be and what you want to do. Part of living your life well is being able to do what bring you joy and adds meaning to your life.

Let go of the excess and unnecessary. And, once again, declutter your physical and mental space of what does not serve you or your vision. When you do, the life you want to live becomes more available to you.

5. Simple is the key to sustainable growth.

Simple steps, a simple approach is always best. Plans that include too many steps or processes feel overwhelming and unattainable. And any endeavor you want to take that feels that way will stunt your growth. It will stop you before you even start.

Life is not always easy. In fact, it can be complicated and busy. And the best way to combat what feels confusing is to simplify.  Find the lowest common denominator. And look for a path that is not littered with drama and that requires little navigation.

You might think that anything difficult would have to have many steps to solve or even complete. But the truth is we complicate things more than we need to.

Ease is available when you choose simple instead.

Life will always toss you curveballs. They are par for the course, and they can throw you off course. For you to accept and catch those curveballs with ease, and to get back on course if you’ve fallen off, you need to fall back on something you know for sure.

Use these fundamental beliefs to guide you. Or develop some that feel true to you. They will help you decide more easily, understand yourself more deeply, live more deliberately, and be more impactful in the world in a positive way.


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