The top 3 reasons why being organized is awesome

I have never heard anyone say to me after working to get organized that being organized wasn’t worth it.  No one has ever said that the work they put in didn’t yield results beyond their expectations.

Those might sound like bold statements. You might think someone, somewhere, must have gone through the process to get organized — all the sorting and purging and deciding on what has a purpose in their life — and determined that, actually, no…having that clarity didn’t make them feel freer, or open up their space – or open up their view of life and how they perceive their ability to be well.

But the truth is that no one I have encountered in the more than 21 years I have been doing this work has ever felt that way. The reason?

Because being organized is awesome!

It just is. People feel better! There is this calming effect on the brain that comes with being organized. And that alone should be reason enough to convince anyone of its power. If that isn’t reason enough, I’ve got three more excellent reasons that being organized is the best thing since sliced bread.

The top three reasons being organized is awesome

1. You don’t have to be perfect.

Being organized is not about being perfect.  And in fact, being organized is awesome because it is not about being perfect. It’s about adjusting to change, and accepting imperfection as part of life. It’s also about reminding yourself of the fluidity of life. Things come in and out as we learn and grow.  And what a blessing that is!

I always say that being organized doesn’t mean life won’t throw you any curve balls.  Being organized means you are more equipped to catch the curve balls and still move forward in life.  There will always be curve balls. But when you choose organization as a lifestyle, you choose freedom and clarity over stress and frustration. What is more awesome than freedom and clarity?

2. You reduce stress

On a very basic level, when you can find what you need easily and often, you are less stressed. Period. How many times have you walked into your house and felt overwhelmed, or tense because of clutter?  Clutter confuses and causes us to spin wheels and not accomplish things. It crowds the mind, which the brain doesn’t like, and creates stress! When your space is clear of clutter, your mind is free. And you feel lighter and happier because of it. Whatever is organized makes that part of your life less stressful.  Less stress is awesome. It’s more than awesome {if there is such a thing}. Don’t you think?

3. You are saner!

Sanity is not overrated.  In fact, I don’t think we give enough thought to how feeling sane – as in not like a chicken with its head cut off – affects how we do our lives.  Similar to feeling stressed, feeling like you are going nuts is not a productive feeling.  But sanity is.

It’s simple really.  When your brain isn’t working so hard to make sense of things and “clean up” what it is seeing, it is happy, and happiness lends to sanity. That sanity lends to wellness. And that, my friends, is awesome .

Here’s the bottom line:

Organization is awesome because when you realize you don’t have to be perfect and don’t experience overwhelming stress or insanity you feel free.

When you own only what you like, need, and use (that includes thoughts as well as things), your space and your head are lighter.  You can move and think more easily.  And therefore you can attack goals, and address desires, and go for more in life.

You can create your life with more ease. I promise you.

So, go on.  Consider organization as a beautiful wellness tool.

And choose it to be part of your awesome life.

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