You can’t grow without roots: why digging deep is necessary

I don’t know that I have ever met a person who doesn’t love a little instant gratification. If something is wrong and it can be fixed, quickly, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would say, “No, please, take your time.”

It is said often, when making necessary changes to your health or wellness – whether with decluttering your home or cleaning out your pantry to make room for healthier food – that is in the journey where you grow. Meaning, there is something to learn from having to make hard decisions on what to keep, what to toss, and why you are doing it in the first place. You grow, inevitably, when you work towards cleaning up your life to make room for it to thrive.

Sorry, no instant gratification here.

Because the growth isn’t necessarily instantaneous we sort of look around for any semblance of a sign to encourage us to keep going. It is hard work — thinking about what needs to be done in order to fix your health or your home so they both thrive and offer you what you deserve. We are drawn to look for a quick fix, at least hope for it, and instead never really dig to find the root cause of how we got in the mess in the first place. It is in finding that root where you are more likely to “fix” it once and for all.  {No more spinning wheels, you know what I’m sayin’?}

When you have a true desire to be well in health and home and make a solid commitment with your self, you find that encouragement to keep you going from within.  That commitment helps you push past obstacles and setbacks. It make you want to dig even more.  And learn more.

And when you know why something is happening and address that, you can realize all kinds of wellness.

It happens with organizing all the time.  Clients often tell me their house is filled with clutter.  And they have no idea how it all happened.  It isn’t as if clutter fairies came in while you were sleeping and left…stuff.  I am sure it feels like it happens that quickly, but it’s not fairies. It comes from one indecision after another, and a breakdown of a system somewhere. It comes because we let in things without regard to whether they serve us or our space positively.

And we do that because stopping to more fully understand why we are buying more or keeping things “just in case” is painful, and feels difficult. And yet, we grow when we address those fears.

Digging is key.

When you dig, you find the roots.  And when you reach those roots you can start to nourish them, so they grow positively.  They heal and thrive and survive, even in the midst of what is scary or overwhelming.

Can't grow without roots

We all can choose to do it differently. And to decide that the internal freedom you gain from digging is worth the work.

Sometimes, we need help to dig.  We see therapists and counselors to help us dig and find reasons for certain behaviors or unhappiness. We call on friends and family. They help us sort through any number of questions we have about life and love.  And it makes sense to enlist the help of a wellness professional. They can help you dig to find the root cause of what is preventing you from feeling good.

Whatever makes you feel unwell, unsatisfied, or unhappy has a root. It’s time to dig and think outside the box, to peel back layers and years of habits to reveal real causes of ailments, disorder, and overwhelm.  And to consider natural remedies like food, lifestyle changes, and organization to help you shift your thinking, improve your well-being, and clarify your vision of what healthy looks like.

If you don’t feel good, don’t look for an instant fix.  Dig for the roots.

You commit.  I’ll get the shovel.



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  • Patti Lyn

    Wow, “deep” … okay pun intended.
    Beautifully written. Definitely makes me think and yearn for order and nourishment for those roots.

    • Reply

      Patti Lyn! You have it within you to dig deep; I know that for sure. Start with your desire and what you truly want and then let’s talk about getting it! xx

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