Why we might as well make cocaine legal

I mean why not? Yes, cocaine is a drug, that is addictive and detrimental.  Sure, it is a toxic substance and it would seem a travesty to allow it into our bodies – legally.

And of course, it would scare me to no end to think how our brains and our bodies would be high jacked (so easily) because of the use of this addictive substance. And it does take over our brain, leaving us no ability to decipher what our body really needs and wants.  That is all true.

So of course cocaine shouldn’t be legal.

But something 8x as addictive as cocaine is legal.  It’s “allowed” in our cookies, cakes, pretzels, bread, sodas, juices — virtually all packaged and processed foods. It literally has the power to high jack our taste buds and our brain leaving us intellectually with an ability to understand why it’s bad but with virtually no power to stop our consumption. It is, of course, refined and processed sugar.

8x as addictive.  When I heard that statistic – how truly addictive it is – that scared me.

The scariest part about it for me is the purposeful nature of sugar’s hold on us.

We are mindlessly unaware of our addiction to the need for it because we are addicted! It literally is a drug. And our overconsumption of it is associated with inflammation in the body, obesity, brain atrophy, dementia and Alzheimer’s, depression, ADD/ADHD. And this is actually not an exhaustive list of the serious issues caused by sugar, and that which contribute heavily to the state of unwellness in our country — and world.

There is hope, of course.   We beat sugar’s hold on us by simply not consuming the processed, added versions found in virtually all of our packaged food.  We can aim to eat the natural forms of sugar that actually deliver some nutrition to our bodies and brains!  Yes, there are “sugars” that do that.  I am talking about the raw and unprocessed forms of honey, maple syrup, and coconut palm sugar. It’s these 3 forms of “sugar” that have been around for the long haul! They aren’t processed and pumped up in any way. This means our body can use them to do its job of staying in balance.

Let’s not forget about the fiber-filled fruits and vegetables that deliver wholesome nutrition and energy to our body and brain.

The body is programmed genetically to process and use these foods.  Why not give it more of that and less of the stuff that leaves us in a state of oblivion, addicted, and always needing more?

Sugar is sugar and I am not saying we should eat a lot of natural kinds of sweeteners.  I am saying we should aim to kick the processed-added-bad-sugar habit. Eat real food.  And give your body half the chance to heal, recover, and be there for you long into old age.

I do not wish for cocaine or any other mind-altering drug to be legal.  And I know I can’t make refined, processed sugar illegal.  But I can continue to talk about the detriment of it.  And hope people start to listen – as if their life depended on it.

Because, in fact, I believe it does.

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  • Jacquelyn Phelps

    AND Sugar isn’t the only deadly thing in our manufactured foods—-Synthetic Trans Fats, Sodium Sulphites, Sulphur Dioxides, Potassium Bromides, free form monosaccharides, neurotoxins in Aspartame, and amino acids that attack your immune system, etc. The FDA doesn’t regulate any of this. AND if it is less than 10 parts per million, it doesn’t have to be listed on the package! That should be enough to scare anyone!

    • Francesca

      Jacky! You are so right. The list is almost endless and it IS very scary. We all have to be diligent to question convention, read labels, and where possible just eat real food (the stuff without the labels 😉 Thanks for your comment and for reading! xx

    • Francesca

      You are right; it should! Let’s just keep putting the information out to call out the FDA and hope changes start to happen. I believe they will!

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