Where is the life you’ve always wanted?

I love what I do for work. A lot of people look at me a little strangely when I tell them this. I suppose it does seem a little odd to have a love for helping people go through – stuff. All kinds of stuff. Everything from memorabilia and clothing to electronics and paper gets touched, and decided on. Some of these things have meaning and purpose for my clients. And some just do not.

Here is what I know for sure: people in general have a lot of stuff.

And having a lot of stuff doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t mean you are a hoarder, or unkempt. It means you have fallen into the trap like so many others of taking in more than you let out. And it isn’t just that you take in more. It is that you don’t question why.

Perhaps you are someone who buys, accepts, lets in things – more and more – without regard to whether you really need said things, and importantly, where those things are going to go!

That right there is the recipe for clutter.

When you let things in and do not find a home right away you welcome clutter in.  You bring in things and put them down for “just a minute” and not only does that minute turn into a week, but you create a home for more clutter to get comfortable.

Simply put: clutter breeds clutter.  And that creates overwhelm.

Perhaps one of the biggest detriments to that overwhelm is the lack of desire to do more things that aid in your wellness.  And your happiness.  When you are overwhelmed your perception of time is so skewed that you actually believe you have no time. You have no time to cook a healthy meal or to work out. No time to spend with people that you love, or research more appealing work.

No time to live the life you’ve always wanted.

But perhaps what trumps all of that is this feeling that the life you want to live – the one that you make sense of when you take the time to day dream a little – doesn’t get lived. In fact, overwhelm, clutter, too much, is a tarp that covers you and all of your potential. That tarp makes it more difficult for you to become more. It extinguishes some of those hopes and dreams. It weighs you down. And it can leave you feeling unsure in the face of important challenges that will improve your well-being, and your happiness.

Yes, I promise, clutter can do all that!

As a life architect, I help people discover who they are. I challenge them to think about what kind of person they want to be — organized, fulfilled, impactful? My goal is for people to decide what they want from life, who they want to be and what routines and habits will help them create that.  And one of the best way to discover that is through your stuff: the stuff that matters, and the stuff that doesn’t.

In fact, your life – the life you’ve always wanted – is waiting for you – ready to be lived fully. It might just be buried a little.

Don’t keep your life waiting any longer!  It is time to get un-buried. I know that that statement alone can conjure up tremendous fear. Rightfully so. I also know that true happiness, and knowing, is on the other side of that fear.  True happiness actually comes as a result of seeing the fear – feeling it – and pushing through. Finding the ways to stay the course, change, grow.

It’s actually what I love most about doing my work as an Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I get to encourage and motivate you to grow. I hold your dreams close to me and guide you, remind you, support you to live them.

Getting un-buried, discovering more of the kind of person you want to be – living the life you’ve always wanted – shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing proposition.  You just have to start.

Tips to start decluttering:

  1. Start small, in one room or with one small area.
  2. Declutter because reducing your clutter, will reduce your overwhelm. The thoughts things, and even people in your space and your life that do not bring you peace or purpose should go.
  3. Spend 20 minutes a day in that one area and repeat until you’ve taken a look at and sorted the things inside or on top of every box, drawer, closet, flat surface.
  4. Repeat until that one space is light. And then start over again in another area.

You will get there.  Be open to the process; be willing to embrace it. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Hiring a Life Architect to help you sort through and discard the mental and physical clutter is a great way to help you find more.

It’s time. Time to lighten the load, and dig into your stuff!

I’m positive you will find the life you’ve always wanted underneath it all.

  • Rosemary Verri

    Every time I de clutter a spot, I feel accomplished. Just went to a recent “job”, the linen closet (which I haven’t been in because we’ve been away a month) and I was amazed. I had forgotten the good job I had done. Could get in an out of the closet without with ease.

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