Three habits of an organized person

As a professional organizer, there is almost nothing I like more than helping people build healthy habits. And make sense out of chaos.  Let’s face it, piles of paper, cluttered cabinets and counters, and stuffed spaces are a recipe for chaos.  They lead to stress, fatigue, and general feelings of unhappiness.

Organization is the antidote that counters all chaos.

In fact, organization promotes happiness because your brain isn’t scattered trying to make sense of chaos. When you are organized you feel more relaxed, calm, and happy! In fact, it is organization that puts ease (and dare I say joy) in your day – into your tasks and thoughts.  It helps you see things better, more clearly, and feel lighter and more focused.

What you might not know is that having a knack for order is not something you are either born with or you’re doomed.

Organization is learned.

You are not immune to learning about how to get things organized or how to stay organized. If you want it, you can get it by creating the best habits to support your lifestyle.

Here are some habits to develop if you want to be more organized.

  1. Everything has a home.  Remembering this tenant and using it daily will keep you thinking and feeling organized.  Here is what you need to do: when things come in, put them in a home — a desk, a drawer, a cabinet — the trash. You can find things easily when they are in a home that makes sense. Therefore, everything must have a home! Otherwise, things pile up, chaos ensues.  And…well, we know what happens from there.
  2. Tidy up daily. You won’t find “perfection” from being organized. After all, life is fluid, things move around, and lose their place.  To counteract that, take 5 -10 minutes a day, before the day ends, to tidy up and put things back where they belong. That way you end the day on an organized, calm-feeling note, and you start the next day the same way.
  3. Make your bed. I have been challenged on this many times and can tell you that starting the day in an organized way helps breed organization throughout the day. Order is based on how do you want to feel in your space. And a made bed beckons a feeling of order. It also means you’ve completed the first (and important) task for the day – which leaves you with a sense of accomplishment, that you want to continue to add to as the day goes on. {In this inspiring commencement video, former Navy Seal Admiral William McRaven even suggests that making your bed is key if you want to change the world! Amen, Admiral, amen.}

Getting organized takes time, patience, and sometimes a little help. If you do it thoroughly the first time, staying organized is a much easier feat, that can easily become a habit.

A good habit.

One you’ll never want to break.


Watch and learn!


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  • Rosemary

    Simple, powerful tenets. And they work.

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