This is my superpower

I do me.

It’s my superpower.

And I have learned that is really quite the superpower, a benefit for everyone, really.

What, you ask, does that exactly mean? It has taken a while to figure it out actually on my end.  It is, by no means, all figured out. But I have learned that working to figure things out can be as powerful, if not more so, than having it all sorted.  The growth, remember, is in the figuring-it-all-out kind of stuff.

Plus, what is ever really all figured out anyway?

For now, and to me, it means being true to everything that is me. And using that self awareness and knowledge in a way to do good, be good — not just for me, but for others.

I quite like it actually, this superpower. It is refreshing for me. It’s like a sigh of relief, actually, because it gives me permission to be me – no excuses, no mask. Just real.  I do me takes the pressure off of having to be someone I am not, or pretend, or even do things I don’t want to do. Not that I have ever made it a habit of doing that but we all falter.

And in a world where there is so so much information out there, and too many opportunities to judge and be judged, and a plethora of chances to compare to others, you can lose site of who you are. And lose a sense of freedom.

And that is the opposite of my superpower – and what I want to feel.

I quite enjoy feeling free.

Feeling free to be me, as silly as it sounds, is the epitome of conscious living.  It’s the opposite of just going through the motions, doing things because it is how they have always been done, not questioning things. All of that feels more like existing.

That, my friends, is no way to live.

I have a motivational quoted magnet that I got a few months ago that is currently sitting on my desk in my office. It struck me as I was prepping to write this post, how fitting it is of my superpower.

It’s that line “give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others” that really gets the ball rolling. And then of course “be true to the best that is in you”. .  What’s not to love about that line?

That is where you really get to the guts of being conscious. Of becoming. Of developing your superpower and really honoring who you are.  That is when you can create yourself as a positive force in the world.

Which is really what it’s all about, isn’t it? Working to be super in some way, to create happiness within ourselves, and thus be forever equipped to impact the world positively? Sometimes all it takes is focusing on that which makes you be free to be you, and finding that source that allows you to be true to the best that is in you.

It will give you wings.

And a super power like no other.

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