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My mother is a very smart woman.  I know they say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. While I don’t consider myself dumb, I am often in awe of my mother’s intelligence. I’m not just talking about book smarts, here. I’m talking about how-to-live-a-happy-life smarts.  They don’t teach this in school nearly enough. And yet the keys to improve your happiness and well being should be handed out freely.  Luckily for me (and for you), I have a teacher on my side happy to dispense valuable life lessons and advice on living a life you love.

Below is a short email my mother sent me about gratitude, living happy, and the most powerful 60 second habit you can possibly commit to.  Enjoy!


This is the most powerful 60 second habit.

Get a small notebook and within 30 minutes of waking each morning write down just one thing you’re grateful for.  Just one thing and it should not take more than 60 seconds.  Done.  That’s it.
Universities around the world have studied the art of gratitude and scientifically proven its benefits as one of the surest ways to improve a person’s well being.
In one study from Southern Methodist Univ, Texas, they took 3 groups who kept a diary:
The 1st group kept a diary of the events of the day; and the 2nd group recorded the unpleasant experiences, and the last group made a daily list of things for which they were grateful.
Greatest 60 seconds 

The results of the study show that daily gratitude exercises result in higher reported levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy. Also the gratitude group experienced less depression and stress, was more likely to help others, exercised more regularly and made more progress toward personal goals.


People who feel grateful are also more likely to feel loved.

Each time we write one thing for which we are grateful, imagine it is like making a priceless deposit into our emotional bank account. 
It may be the best thing we do all day.
And so my challenge to you, my friends, is to take your 60 seconds and let gratitude drive your day.  Do it for one week. And let me know in the comments what positive results have come out of it.
I feel confident there will be many.

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  • Cindy

    Hi Francesca,

    This sounds doable! 🙂 And really struck a chord. So many times I’ve written out my frustration in my journal, when I do make an entry (in the hopes that writing it down gets it out of me–which I think it does, in part, since I never usually reread my journal), and I’ve wondered: what will people think of my life if THIS is the (only) diary of mine they read?!?! So I think I’ll start one of these “list” journals–and make sure that at the front of my other one (which I don’t write in regularly), it says–“please see my ____ (pink, red, whatever) journal for this same year–it’s about all my gratitude!!!”

    hope you’re well-


    • Francesca (

      Hi Cindy! Sorry to get back to you so late on your response! Hoping you are well and wishing you all the best for a happy holiday season and a healthy (and organized) new year ahead! Francesca

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