Holiday wrapping for the creative person

The holiday season brings me so much joy!  The lights, the decorations, even the chill in the air — they all put an extra spring in my step.

I don’t think about the mess the decorations create or worry about getting everything wrapped and ready.  But a few years ago, I gave good and long thought to how I can make those gifts festive without spending too much, and more importantly wasting too many resources.

I have always loved a well-wrapped gift. The perfectionist in me really appreciates and notices when gift wrap is even and folded well. And when it is dressed {that is what I call adding bows and ribbons} to the nines. I have a sister-in-law who dresses up gifts like no other! So creatively. You almost don’t want to open them, they are so pretty!

All of this said, I am also a minimalist.

When I think about not only how much money is spent on holiday gift wrap and fancy bows, but how unnecessary it is given other, less expensive alternatives I just.can’

I wasn’t always this way.  I always made sure I had different kinds of paper and all colors of bows and ribbons to dress up a present.  The presentation of it somehow felt like it was just as important as the gift itself.

And I still believe that.  It’s how I like to “present” a present.  But I have just gotten smarter about it, and my bank account and my space are ever-so-grateful.  When it comes to buying gift wrap, I follow my own advice and buy only what I need so I don’t have to deal with storing varying sizes of different colored wrapping paper. I buy just one or two rolls and, here is the kicker, I buy the same paper – regardless of the occasion. Uh-huh…I said the same paper.

There is nothing crazy about uniformity!

And still more, nothing crazy about creating difference within that uniformity. {Hello different color ribbons and bows}. To help me do that best, and on the inexpensive, I go to The Dollar Store.  I know this is going to sound crazy but I just really learned about the Dollar Store a few years ago!  Yes, I know! What did I do without it my whole life?  I do.not.know.

Because honestly, friends, this store has rocked my world! I still look for a price on some things and often find myself saying to myself, “Francesca, it’s a dollar.”

Even holiday gift wrap!

Last year my dear friend told me about this plain ‘ole brown “kraft” paper. She thought it would make sense for me for wrapping holiday gifts – given my minimalist tendencies.

And she thought right!

Isn’t she pretty?

holiday wrapping: for those creatives who don't want to break the bank!

These days The Dollar Store (and even TJ Maxx) have this brown kraft paper with some festive designs.  This just add to my ability to get creative while still being quite uniform. I get to dress up all the gifts – Christmas, birthday and just-because kinds of gifts – differently with all kinds of ribbons and bows {which I also get at The Dollar Store…for a dollar!}.

holiday wrapping: for those creatives who don't want to break the bank!

This paper is totally – like the song says – one of my favorite things because I get to make those “brown paper packages” look so pretty.

And I don’t have to break the bank to do it. I don’t have roll after roll of excess paper that requires extra brain power to figure out where to store it. And I get to be creative in the process.

Is there anything more joyous than that?

  • Rosemary Verri

    It really looks so pretty! It’s the best idea. You do a good job!

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