Six tips to stop chasing simple and live simply instead

I subscribed to a handful of carefully selected blogs that offer me ways to live simply. And I choose to read only those few because I know my limit and what I can digest. I realized early on in starting my business how integral “ease” and all of its derivations (simple, simply, simplicity) are to attaining fulfillment in life—perhaps even true happiness.

I do realize how difficult it can be for many to embrace ease or even embrace the possibility of it. And I know for sure that “too much” in your space and your head is the obstacle to experiencing the freedom “simple” offers.

So how do you get there?

How do you embrace that it is possible – always – and remember that no matter your level of disorder or chaos you can achieve it?

Theoretically speaking the answer is …simple:

Simplicity is a mindset first.

You aren’t alone if you don’t like that answer. Most people don’t want to do the digging necessary to determine first what needs to change to add in and make ease your MO. And they also don’t want to make the change. By now, you hopefully know that the internal freedom you gain when you change your thinking is always worth the work.

And that is a key caveat. Simple does not mean all will be good, all the time. It doesn’t mean that at all.

If your goal is to live simply you have to stop chasing this ideal that there is an end game when it comes to it. That you will reach a state of nirvana and never have to work at happiness again.

Sorry, Charlie. That isn’t the point.

Simply is a way of life, yes. It is also a series of trial and error. You can aim to find all the hacks and tools that promise you simplicity. Or you can do the one thing that allows you to create it in the first place.

You can stop chasing simple and instead start living simple.

One hack at a time.

One shift in perspective.

You can start to do the little things and take the small steps daily to add in simple – to seek it out, to change – slowly. I know how much that kind of thinking can zap motivation and make it feel like too much work. But think about how hard you are working now to keep up with the chaos.

Think about all of the healthy lifestyle initiatives you are missing out on because you are busy, stressed, out of time, and overwhelmed. When you add in simple – finding the most direct, easy, straightforward way to do or think about something – you add in ease and opportunity to create your life the way you want.

It is time to choose to live simply. Here are six tips to help you.

1. Focus on the internal.

Do that work first. Ask yourself what you want and how you want to feel. Write it out and post it where you can see it. The goal is to add in only the things that help you feel good, healthy, connected, impactful, etc. When you focus on how you want to feel, and get good with it, you can more easily match that up against what you have in your head and home – and make sure they help each other.

2. Reduce the excess.

Too many options and solutions to the same “need” are clutter. Choose multi-functional items instead of single-use gadgets like these. As well, look around your space and pay attention to what feels like too much. Do you have too many magazines that just leave you feeling guilty because you haven’t read them, or worse, don’t really want to? How about too many clothes that leave your closet stuffed and make it harder for you to make decisions each morning? The list of “too much” is endless. Where do you see “too much”? Work to reduce it so you can breathe easier into your space.

3. Less is more.

Less is more. When it comes to healthy living, whether you are looking to eat healthier, do more exercise, lose weight, get more sleep, you must look for the path of least resistance. Choose things with the least amount of steps to make them more appealing. Less steps equal simplicity both in theory and practice. My Pinterest page is one “cookbook” and there is an ease to using it and referring to it when it comes to filling my meal plan. I save easy, healthy recipes that use only a few, real-food ingredients. My workout app Fit On is simple – basic weights, and curated workouts for every body, and fitness level. And it is free. I use one cleaning product to clean my entire house. I use this skin/body care company because they use no toxins – ever – so I don’t have to read the ingredients or spend a second of my precious time navigating the confusing beauty industry space. It is simpler that way.

4. Pay attention to where “more” creeps in.

Pay attention to how easily “more” gets pushed on you. The companies that promise you shiner hair, longer lashes, cleaner sinks, or more happiness and fulfillment by buying more serve their bottom line. They don’t want you to question why you have five different types of anything! {Or think about whether there is perhaps one that can do the job.} They prey on your seeming desire to have “everything you need” to “do” life better – as if you aren’t doing well already… But instead of “better” you are left with cluttered counters and drawers and cabinets filled with things you don’t even use, and a drained bank account to boot. Simply question before you buy: Why do I need this? Where will it be stored? Do I have something else like it that I like, need, and use? It will prevent more from creeping in.

5. Quiet the noise.

When it gets noisy – and you know when it is loud around you – do what you can to quiet your head and surroundings. Go for a walk, take a few deep breaths, and remove yourself from the situation. Do whatever you can to get a solid “pause” so you can regroup and take a simple next step. Find some silence and slowness to quiet the noise so you can find more internal peace and direction.

6. Break it all down.

Every project or thought that has multiple steps is begging for you to use simplicity. It is the path to completion. Break down anything that feels big into smaller, more digestible parts. Use a list-making app like Teuduex to help you separate all of the things crowding your head. When you do, you give your brain such a gift. Instead of trying to make sense of all you have coming at you, you can rest…assured you have access to those things when you need access and are ready to move on them.

Living simply is attainable.

Don’t think just because you have to work at it or keep up with it that it is not available to you. The whole point of simple is that amid the noise and chaos, you can get yourself back to center, and on solid ground.

The benefits of minimalism

Make simple part of your modus operendi by living simply. And not the other way around. Think about how often we so easily let in stress, frustration, and busyness. And how hard we have to work at simple, ease, and calm.

It’s time to flip the script and only choose ease.

It doesn’t mean life will be a breeze. It simply (no pun intended) means you have a better solution to combat what feels heavy. And with that solution anything becomes doable.

Decide who you want to be and what you want in your life and choose the most direct way – the easier way – to attain it.

There is no perfection in life.

All you can do is your best, trusting that it is always enough. Stop chasing simple. It is just another way to keep things chaotic and you pressured. Live simply instead and you will have everything you need. And then some.


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