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I am asked all the time about where to start in getting organized or living healthy and well. It all feels quiet confusing and chaotic – unnecessarily so.

Simple is the answer to living well.

Minimalism, in fact, is nothing more than simplicity in action because by its nature when you have only what you like, need, and use, you create space. And that space allows you to more easily create, move, communicate, contemplate…breathe!

You can do all the things you want to do, and need to do in order to live healthy and well – without so much stress and frustration.

That is why I love minimalism so much. It unburdens you and your space.

In the past nine years I have more thoroughly embraced a minimalist mindset and live it every day. It has helped me un-complicate life, catch all kinds of curve balls, and feel a sense of fulfillment because I am able to accomplish more. Or perhaps even better, accomplish enough.

And there is one simple thing I always do when things feel dicey or unclear that allows me stay on track. I apply this way of thinking or tenet whether I am looking to be healthier with exercise, eating, housekeeping, or bringing up a teenager.

The one thing I do to keep the train moving is dumb it down.

I know that might sound a little too simple. But it’s not ironic that the way to do simple is actually making everything simple. Dumb it down – or DID allows you to think of the lowest common denominator, the most direct way to do things with ease.

The reality it a lot of things have simple solutions but we complicate matters. We listen a lot to outside voices instead of listening within. We thwart our own ability to solve anything by asking Siri, or Alexa or Google.

The outside noise adds in more. And “more” is another thing to navigate, manage and make sense of.

I am not saying gathering information is bad. I am saying when you rely on it solely you reduce your chance at reducing the noise.

You have answers and they are within you.

Any “noise” gives you a lot of options – too many in many cases. And “too many” is like “too much”. It confuses. It pulls you away from simple, and easy, and the obvious.

If you are looking to make lifestyle changes – live healthier in body, mind, and spirit, dumb down the way to do it.

Regardless of whether you are looking to eat healthier, lose weight, create stronger relationships with your self and others, get a new job, or a new purpose in life you must start small. You must start with simple.

Start with less.

When I help clients declutter that is exactly what we are doing. We are simplifying what feels daunting by keeping only what is liked, needed and used. Things are clearer that way.

What companies offering you “more” are hoping for is that you will listen to the outside noise, that you will buy 15 different cleaners when baking soda and water might actually do the job. They will use health washing techniques and marketing language to make food products seem good for you, when it fact they are complicating what healthy is. Every industry gives you more and more and more suggestions for all the different pains you have.

All of that more makes them a lot of money and leaves you cluttered, and overwhelmed with too many options and no idea what works.

When faced with confusion or in need of a starting point ask yourself these questions to help you dumb it down:

How can I make this easier?

What is the one, small thing I can do to chip away at this project, plan, or goal?

Where is there “too much” or heaviness and how can I break things down into smaller parts or tasks to create “less” steps or expectations?

What would it look like if it were easier?

Envision what you would own in your head, heart and home, how would you think, and in what ways would you act if DID was your MO?

Simple is the key to happy and to taking the burden of too much off of you and giving you the freedom to quite the noise, and be more deliberate in your actions.

Creating life in a healthy way stems from simplicity – from dumbing things down to the easiest solution or way of doing something.

Often that means there are less steps, less ingredients, less stuff, less expectations.

And living this way – thinking this way – can often keep perfectionist tendencies at bay. By reducing what feels heavy into something simple you can more easily give yourself the permission to go with the flow of life, find peace despite the hiccups and roadblocks.

Doing DID does not mean life is perfect.

It does not mean there are no hiccups or major roadblocks, confusion or chaos. It simply means that despite the hardships and the mess you can find some peace to create the best, most healthy version of yourself.


Looking for simple solutions to get started on your journey to clutter-free? Let me show you how!

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