Why coffee shops and a good friend have particular meaning these days

Coffee shops have had a significant place in the development of the work I now do. I am not even much of a coffee drinker (although I do love the taste and smell) but there is something about the energy in a coffee shop that gets my mind working and ideas flowing.

17 years ago those ideas started flowing as I sat with my friend Erin talking about this “new organizing business” I wanted to do. I had been organizing people’s spaces at this point on and off and really felt I was on to something, not just with the organizing but with something bigger.

Something that would affect people in an even greater, more positive way.

As I sat in that shop with Erin, I explained to her how I wanted people to feel: lighter, happier with their life and how they lived it.  And then she just blurted out what ended up being my original tag line for verri organized: Experience life in a lighter way.

That tag (and the company name) has obviously taken on different iterations over the years.  But even as my company morphed from verri organized to Verri Well, the meaning behind it was still there.

I knew then what I still know today. When you live with what you like, need and use, what makes sense in your space and your life, you are free – and light.

And you feel good when you are free and light!  Your confidence soars in wonderful ways.

You see clearly. You think clearly.

You breathe.

And breathing is quite important. Especially when it comes to being able to make consistent lifestyle choices that will help you live happy and healthy.

While my beliefs about this haven’t wavered, a few years ago I started to give thought to how my website, and even my branding, looked and felt. I could feel the need for change. I even had a sense of what changes I could make. So I did what always seems to give me the boost of inspiration I need, when I need it.

I went to a coffee shop.

This time with my best friend Sarah.  And as I talking about my next steps for my business, it was no surprise that ideas for how I could create a new iteration of it came pouring in.

I remember saying to Sarah that I believed that people with a will to live healthier have the power to create their life.  And I wanted to help them make changes with their lifestyle, in their space, with their thoughts, how they eat and think and feel so they could really love their life.

And this time it was Sarah who blurted out a concept that really stuck. She said, “So you are really a Life Architect. You are helping people create and build a life lived happy, and well.”

A life architect.  Huh.  Why yes, I am.

And from there all the pieces of a new brand started to come together.

It took me a few years to really embrace and make this change {hey, these things take time you know}, but good things come to those who wait — or in this case spend time carefully curating content and programs from the past 17 years that tie together ideas and beliefs about wellness and health and of course, organization.

I am so happy today to unveil my new site, new name, new title for you.

Isn’t she pretty?  I have to say, my web designer Cheri Natalino did an amazing job working her magic to create this work of art – pulling together, in a nice, new package, the ways I can help you see where your life is cluttered and unwell.

And help you create your life.

I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

You are the architect of your life. The builder. The one in charge. You get to choose what stays and what goes.

And I am here to help you.

No doubt, I’ll continue to have many more coffee shop dates with Sarah to keep the ideas flowing.

And I know we’ll all benefit from every single one.

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  • Rosemary

    I love the new website!!

    • Francesca

      Thank you!

  • Meaghan Verri

    Wow, this looks terrific! 👍🏻

    • Francesca

      Thanks so much Meaghan! And thanks for reading. <3

    • Francesca

      Thank you! <3

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