Three really good reasons to live with less

When it comes to living with less, knowing why you want to live that way is important.

It is important mostly because the idea of living with less can sound a bit daunting, unappealing, perhaps even sad.

Of course it is anything but sad. In fact, I contend that living with less is can bring you more joy.

Here are three really good reasons to live with less that will help you see the true value in it.

1. Clarity.

This word should not be taken for granted. Simple put, when you are clear, you have a better ability to be focused, which brings about a better sense of self, and of purpose. We all want that. Even if we don’t always consciously know it. No one likes to feel out of control or chaotic, or overwhelmed, unfulfilled, tired. When your space is cluttered with too much stuff that doesn’t have a home (sometimes that home is the trash or donation center) you are more likely to experience those feelings, and actually believe you deserve to feel that way. Less in your space makes room for clarity in not only your space, but also your mind. Live with less so you can see more clearly who you are and who you want to be.

Three really good reasons to live with less

2. Less physically to contend with.

This means you aren’t constantly navigating the obstacle course that is your space and the things in it. If that alone doesn’t bring peace of mind, I don’t know what does! On a very basic level, when you have less “stuff” in your space, the area stays tidy and neat more easily. That means you can spend less time cleaning and making sense of clutter, and more time doing any number of other things that bring you joy. Less to contend with also means you are less likely to lose/misplace/forget things. No more spinning wheels and wasting time trying to find things. Lighten your load so you and your space can breathe, move, create – more.

3. Enough-ness.

Okay, that isn’t really a word but it should be. This realization that you have enough is a big one and when you live with less (comparison, stuff, negative thoughts, excess) you start to realize how much you really need. And it usually isn’t as much as you own. When you live with less you start to value things differently and live more intentionally because you are more deliberate in what you choose to let into your life, and how you live it. When you make the decision to own only what you need, and what really serves a purpose, you make easier work of discarding what holds you back, or weighs you down. You start to realize you don’t need more. You can see clearly that you have had enough all along. And that, too, can positively affect your self esteem.

You not only have enough. You are enough.

Living with less is not about not owning things. It is simply about owning enough of what brings happiness and purpose to your life. When you do that, you leave room for the creation of your life – a creation that is built on a strong sense of self.

You own less stuff so you can be more.

That is what the world needs more of.

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  • Rosemary Verri

    I love all your articles. And your suggestions! It all makes sense.

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