Summertime tips: how to enjoy the season and stay sane

Summertime is all about letting go. In my book it is the one time of year where people loosen up more and feel more carefree. I think warmer weather has that affect.

Summer is also a great time to spend some time getting organized.  I know, that sounds like such a buzz kill. And I certainly don’t mean for you to spend your carefree summer organizing and purging and lightening your load.

I do mean for you to do a little bit, often, so you can enjoy the benefits of being organized and stay sane, without making it a time-consuming effort. That way you can be more spontaneous and do more fun summer things without having to compromise feeling good in your living space.

Organization allows you to enjoy summer more while also staying sane!

Here are some tips to help stay organized so you can fully enjoy all that summer has to offer.

1. Little and often is the way to go.

Organization might not be high on your priority list but I am sure staying sane is up there. Doing a little bit, often (as in every day) means putting things away right after you are done using them, and tidying up each night before bed. If you focus on doing a little bit each day you will maintain a level of order. That feeling of order keeps you on the ball, sane, and ready for whatever adventures come your way.



2. Create drop zones.

Summertime often means pools, parks, and picnics. That means you are transporting gear like beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, and coolers into and out of the house. Often. When you create a temporary drop zone for these items it prevents them from spreading out into the house. The drop zone signals to everyone that the home for the summer belongings  – that they will need once again tomorrow – has been established. And we all know how important a “home” is for everything. A home like a drop zone prevents clutter from building up in the home and that alone will keep you sane. Suggested drop zones: shelving or hooks in the garage, mudroom or main entrance to your home.

3. Stock up now

Summertime means spontaneity. When you stock your pantry with simple entertainment foods you will feel stress free when your sister pops over unannounced with her husband and 3 children. As well, if you prepare some treats that can be frozen and also enjoyed cold (Paleo brownies anyone?) you can entertain with ease. I make sure I have meals frozen so when days run long (as they should) dinner can be made, in a pinch. Being organized means being prepared.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff but hold others accountable

Summer is a time to feel free – of rigorous work schedules and time constraints. But it is not a time to let the house and the people it in ignore the systems that are set in place. Systems that specifically keep the house in order help everyone feel good in the space. After a beautiful day at the beach no one wants to come home to crowded counters, unmade beds, and disheveled laundry. Keep up with the basic tasks like laundry, making beds, keeping flat surfaces clear. Ask everyone to do their small part in keeping the house “running” so you can all equally enjoy the summer fun.

Remember, when there is order, there is more freedom to move, and do whatever it is your heart desires.

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