Today is the day to start feeling better: 3 things to help you do so

If I asked people “do you want to feel better today?” I would guess that most would likely say yes. And they’d do so with a slight doubt in their answer. Maybe they’d even cock and eyebrow as if to ask, “Is feeling better really a possibility?”

To that I answer a resounding Yes!

And that is perhaps what stops some people – this unwarranted thought that says it is not possible to really feel better. We get so many messages about how we are supposed to grow old and they all have to do with needed interventions whether with added care or added medication. And young people – who don’t feel well, start to believe that is their fate.

The truth is that starting to feel better – today – starts with your own beliefs. The body, given half the chance, not only knows how to heal itself but it wants to heal. It wants to be in balance and function well. And given half the chance the body’s mechanisms work “under the hood” to give you feelings of wellness – of more energy, vitality, less stress, and more functionality.

How do you give it half the chance?

The answer is simple but the implementation can feel quite difficult. You give the body half a chance, for starters, by eating the food it needs for nourishment and leave out all of the other stuff that confuses the body. We ask too much of the body’s systems when we eat packaged, processed, sugar-filled, preservative-laden, fake food. So much of what is in our food chain these days is unrecognizable to the body. How can it do its job when it can’t sort out what you are eating?

Give the body half a chance!

Eat real food. That means food with no label, food of which you can recognize the ingredients – perhaps that you made from scratch. When you focus on eating this way, answering the question what to cook is easier than you think.

Get enough sleep. With adequate and quality sleep the body heals and grows and importantly, gets you ready for a new day.

Listen to what the body is saying. And it is saying a lot, often. Pay attention to how you feel and do what is necessary to give the body what it needs.

Listen to your body's whispers before they become screams

You give your life a renewed sense of life when you embrace the need for change, and face your obstacles head on. You give your body and brain half a chance at being great when you find new ways to catch the curve balls life throws you.

Here are 3 tasks to do to help you feel better today.

  1. Believe you can feel better. It may not happen in one day or one week. It might take months. But getting better is possible the more you believe in your body’s ability to heal.
  2. Commit to feeling better. Make a pact with your self. Tell those around you about your goal and how you want to feel. And remind yourself of your pact as often as you need it.
  3.  Start small. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to making any change in their diet or lifestyle is to bite off more than they can chew! Start small.  Add in more water through the day. Commit to tidying up one small area in the house. Pick one meal a day and make sure all the ingredients in it are “real”.

And don’t forget to ask for help!

Get help on your journey! Read books, ask family and friends for support. Hire a coach to motivate you, encourage you to believe, and help you stay accountable to the goals you set.

Today is the day you can start to feel healthy! All you have to do is choose to begin.

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