I feel compelled to clarify this

There is a ton of information out there about how to live a certain way, how to be healthy, how to lose weight, how to be happy.  There are so many articles written telling you to “do this” and “don’t do that”.

There is always a new study on what to eat or what not to eat. On what you should buy to make your home look just so or to make your wardrobe more stylish. And with all of that information it can be really hard to a. know what is correct and b. not be overwhelmed.

Importantly, it makes it harder to keep things simple — to focus on just the basics that can make eating, thinking and living well actually feel easy.  Information is power – for sure.  Too much all at once can make that simple (yet effective) way of doing and thinking more difficult.

As a wellness practitioner for the past 15 years my goal has always been to encourage people that there are always options to feeling better and living life in a way that feels more fulfilling – even with all the confusing and sometimes negative information out there that makes them want to give up.

Through it all, you just have to remember what you want and continue to choose wellness.

And that getting what you want has everything to do with your desire to know how you want to feel — in a situation, with your health, in your space, with people in general or in specific relationships. Because when you know that, you are more motivated to stick to the work it takes to be (insert your word) — better, healthier, happier, lighter, richer, more confident.

I feel compelled to write about this today because I read on social media recently a few people basically trash talking getting and being healthy suggesting that there is just too much information out there, none to be trusted, making it basically impossible to actually be healthy. All of this conflicting information made them not want to do anything towards their health. In their words they’d rather sit on the couch all day and eat junk. And, of course, that is their choice.

It bothered me a bit not just because I am constantly trying to help people think the complete opposite but it puts such a negative spin on the hard work people put into their health and wellness.

So as a health advocate and a person whose mission it is to help others create a life lived verri well, I feel compelled to clarify why getting healthy is still important and what I see as a more effective way to look at the tons of information we get all the time.

There IS a lot of information out there and it can be too confusing.

As someone who tries hard to keep on top of information especially when it comes to eating healthy I want to put blinders on every time there is a “new” study on any number of hot topics from gluten to coconut oil. 

I know it is important as a health professional to keep abreast of the “latest” information but it can be very frustrating reading things that are put out there with the sole purpose of confusing people!  Most of the “latest” news out on things like gluten or sugar or why canola oil is a health food are guaranteed to make some government or food company very rich by persuading you to continue to purchase – regardless of whether the articles on the contrary give you some pause. 

Which is why I always ask people to question the source, be your own health advocate and pay close attention to who is writing what you are reading. On both sides of the coin.

And it doesn’t just stop with food companies. A client recently said to me that she read an article about how having clutter is actually a sign of intelligence.  {I need to get my hands on that article, and if anyone has read anything like it, please send it along to me}. I want to know the source better.  The reality is that people who live in clutter do not need an article telling them they are intelligent to make them feel better about the clutter that surrounds them. Your intelligence is not dependent on, nor enhanced by, your clutter.  There is no case for clutter. Getting organized – just like getting healthy – has to come from your desire to want to feel better in your space, with your time and in your mind.  Your ability to deal with any number of things – planned or not – is made infinitely easier without the presence of clutter.  Period.

There is a more effective way to deal with all the noise.  And it is noise if it confuses you or derails you. Or if it diminishes your ability to trust what you feel or what you want from your life.


The way to you – your desires, needs and wants – is through you.

Getting healthy in body, mind and space is important first and foremost because you deserve to be healthy and happy. It is your birth rite. All the things you want to do can be infinitely more fulfilling when you have your body, mind and spirit in a good place.

So in this day and age with the plethora of information being passed around and opportunity to constantly learn more we might just need to turn it all off. Listen to you and not so much what is out there.  When conflicting information comes to you, put it aside. It will creep back up if it is something you need to pay attention to.

In the meantime, practice some pause. Be still and quiet. If what you are doing feels good, works for you, gets you closer – step by step – to helping you reach your goals, keep doing it.

How you get to where you want to be in the midst of negativity, confusion, mixed messages has everything to do with you checking in with your self and dumbing down what others, perhaps unintentionally, have complicated so fully.

It’s time to focus on what you want to feel, how you want to live, and what you want to accomplish without letting the struggle and hard work, and scary changes, and confusing information be bigger than the goal you want to achieve.

I feel compelled to clarify this because I do believe that every single person has the ability to achieve wellness — physically and mentally, in their home and work spaces, with their relationships with others, and their self.

I don’t want social media to derail you or give credence to the struggles you face on your path to wellness.

Trust that how you want to feel is possible. Focus on your own voice.

And you will be well on your way to living life verri well.

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