A list will do you good and keep your brain sane

I love my list.  I think I always have because I have always had a fast-moving mind. Ideas flow in and out often. Things I want to do, or need to do hang around the periphery of my mind daily.

These “things” aren’t always important.  They aren’t always necessary.  And they don’t always get done right “now”.  But leaving them floating in my mind only serves to drive me completely crazy. So I put them on my list because I know a list will do you good and keep your brain sane! And definitely a little bit more calm and organized.

And a list does so much more than that!

It actually can help with all aspects of your life because it helps keep your brain sane. Dumping all of the contents of your busy mind onto a list gives you an extra spring in your step. I know it sounds almost impossible. How can using it do that? Easy. Regardless of what you have on your mind, knowing it can always “see” what needs to be done more easily, makes you feel more in control, or a few steps ahead – often.

You might even find you aren’t late or don’t lose your keys. Or find you get dinner made most evenings and you have an overall sense of calm – not chaos – in your mind and body.

It’s amazing what giving your mind a break will do for your life.

Doing the contents of the list are important as well and prioritizing what needs to be done now. But the act or habit of writing things down, in one place, regardless of the task is what is very important to keeping your mind healthy so that you can “do” what is on the list.

Sometimes, I am not ever sure if what goes on my list will ever need to be done in my lifetime. I put it there regardless because for that period of time it seems important. Or feels like it might need to get done. And my mind is happy with the well-deserved break of thinking of it so much. I work hard and my thoughts do too. And my mind pays the price if I don’t give it the daily or weekly massage, if you will, that writing a list provides.

When you write out a list and empty the contents of your brain onto it you do just that – give your brain a much-needed vacation of sorts. The list says to your brain, “It’s okay, I’ve got you covered; no need to remember it all.” Don’t those words just make you feel relieved?

I know you will find more time and feel more mentally capable of tackling all tasks you want to do…so long as you have them on your list.

Do you keep a list?  In what ways does it help you?

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