6 ways to simplify your life and find more happiness

Living simply and happily is a goal many want to achieve. There are a plethora of things you can do to simplify your life and create joy. And because there are so many it can feel overwhelming. Which might cause you to not do anything at all.

Overwhelm does that.

It can take away your power to do what you truly want to do. And I don’t want that to happen. So let’s start small, shall we? Instead of looking at the hundreds of things you can be doing to live more simply, be happy, improve your life, let’s start with 6.

1.Do nothing.

There is no better way to simplify than to do nothing – for like a minute. In fact, I suggest you schedule it in and make room for nothingness. It means you carve out space in case you have a curve ball to catch. So that you won’t be rushing too much, or feel too out-of-control. And if no curve ball gets thrown, you just bought yourself some time to simply exist. Or take a nap!

2. Slow the social.

No one likes hearing this advice. But everyone benefits from doing so. When you take a break from the social media you build up your esteem. We all need more moments with less comparison and thinking. As well, we get distracted more easily because of social media. Too much is a recipe for spinning wheels, not getting things done, and not feeling good about it. It is quite literally the opposite of happy.

3. Declutter.

This might sound obvious or it might just sound annoying. Here is what I know: simplicity doesn’t necessarily happen automatically as a result of decluttering. But clarity does. And lots and lots of joy can be found when you are clear on what you have and what you want from your life. When you get rid of what doesn’t have a purpose you truly discover what does.

4. Tidy up daily.

This would include making your bed every day, keeping the kitchen sink clear of dirty dishes (and the counters as well), sorting the mail as it comes in, generally putting things back where they belong. Even if you know you need to declutter that closet/dresser/desk/drawer, tidying up all the areas of the house – daily – at least allows you to function more calmly. Everything in it’s place creates order…and that just feels good.

5 Let go.

Let go of anything that doesn’t in any way bring you joy is a direct road to happiness. Hanging onto thoughts like regret, anger, comparison, or a things like clothing that doesn’t fit, reminders from an old job that had you miserable, or keepsakes from the past that don’t feel good do nothing more than strip the happiness and joy from your soul, or at least prevent them from finding root there. Let.them.go. You’ll find freedom on the other side.

6. Dumb things down.

The things we have to do to feel good — eat healthy, get enough sleep, keep up friendships, work out — don’t have to be complicated. We make them so. Consider the lowest common denominator, the shortest, easiest path to a goal, straightforward thinking. The direct, upfront, purposeful actions and thoughts keep complicated at bay. Just dumb everything down and start with simple steps and procedures. Need to eat healthier? Make a meal plan and choose simple-to-follow with simple ingredient recipes. Want to get more sleep? Turn off all electronics an hour early and read a book in bed, or do a calming meditation. You will fall asleep earlier and wake more refreshed. Want to reach a certain goal, or complete a certain task? Schedule it in. When you see something on your calendar, especially things broken down into manageable parts, you are more likely to be successful in completing the task.

Simple is possible. And so is happiness. And all the efforts – big and small – in creating both are worth it.

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