5 things to do to create happiness in your life

Happiness is quite the word. I love the sound of it, and the feeling that comes from the word. It feels free. And comforting.

I have never met anyone that doesn’t want to feel happy. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to feel good.  And yet many people still struggle with really being able to say they feel truly happy in their life.

Happiness is not something I think we can, or necessarily need to feel all the time in order for us to have meaning our life. There are ups and downs, and times when things feel anything but happy. It’s okay to admit it and embrace it. It’s part of life.

I think being able to get back to happy is what is important. Here are 5 steps that can help you get to a feeling of happy, and perhaps never stray too far from it in the first place.

1. Clutter needs to go.

Clutter clogs your mind. It actually affects your perception of time, leaves you feeling “heavy” and overwhelmed, confused and unclear. These feelings do not produce happiness. Ever. Clear your clutter from your space and your mind. You might not get it all done in a day or week (remember to eat your elephant one bite at a time!) but committing to letting go of what no longer serves a purpose in your life is important. De-cluttering the purposeless lightens your load and your spirit. And when you do this, you make room for all kinds of possibilities and happiness to come rushing right in.

2. Learn to say no.

I know, it sounds selfish at first but “no” is often the solution to getting rid of anxiety, and frustration. People think more about how unhappy it will make others if they say no, instead of how unhappy it is making them.  We “yes” so much that we over commit, have a harder time keeping priorities in check, and we let more than we need, like or use into our space. Take the time to know your calendar, honor your boundaries and your space. It will only make you happier – even when you say no.

3. Make solid connections – with other humans.

Nothing can really replace in person connections with other people. Connection adds happiness to your life. Period. Social media has it’s place. And I am not suggesting that the ease in which you can reconnect with old friends and stay in touch is a bad thing. But I think we need to offset being sucked into the virtual world, that is often wrought with unhealthy comparison, with more solid connections, perhaps in person, that definitely feel more deliberate. Next time you want to truly connect with someone, try picking up the phone to have an actual conversation. {Yes, it takes time. But that is what making solid connections often requires}. Or, send an actual note or card. Take the time to write to someone. And then make the effort to actually mail that letter! It has an amazing power to slow you down and make the recipient (and you) very happy.

4. Hang with happy.

My mother has passed along many pearls of wisdom and this one is a biggie! She always says if you want to be happy, hang out with happy people.  We all know someone who makes us feel just a little bit happier, or a little inspired. The negative talkers, the folks who are not supportive, don’t need to be a part of your parade. Happiness breeds happy, and the more you do to bring it into your life, the more you will get in return.

5. Simplify.

That word has a calming ring to it, doesn’t it? It’s like a one-word answer that solves everything, the most basic understanding, the lowest common denominator. Don’t add chaos to your life – not in the form of more stuff or more thoughts. Keep simple in mind. And when simple is hard to find, remove yourself from the chaos, find moments of quiet in your day to tune out the noise and remind yourself of what really matters.

Happiness is everywhere. Seek it out. Let it in. And relish in the balance it brings to your life.

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