The holidays: Three tips to make this the most wonderful time of year

We say it every year — at least I do — that I love the holidays but I hate all the craziness that comes along with it.  I am talking about everything from all of the traveling to all the food that accompanies such travel to the gift giving — oh the gift giving!

Giving a gift to someone makes me happy like the next person.  I especially love it when I know what that person wants and needs. Then I can put concrete thought into what I will buy, knowing the person will really appreciate it.  The giving that drives me a little batty is the excessive giving and the giving especially to children, that never seems to end!  During the holidays, I fear we get further and further away from the lessons of gratitude and understanding that we really have enough!

And every year how much we give and get seems to get worse.

During the holidays, it seems more and more wants to creep its way into our space.  And sometimes it can’t be helped.  But if you let in without without letting any out you produce overwhelm and clutter. And that is just a recipe to make this time of year wackier, and less wonderful.

To make this season {and every season after} wonderful, try these tips:

Lighten the load.

I’ve written about this before, how lightening your load allows you to live more intentionally.  And this time of year, when we are due to have a lot come in, it becomes even more important to assess what you have. And it is important to see that you have enough, and what you have room for. When you purge the unneeded and unused you free your mind and your space. Whatever comes in after has a much better chance of being seen and used.  It helps keep overwhelm at bay (and clutter) and it is a great lesson for your children to learn now.  It will serve them well in the future.

Limit your social media.

I’ve written about this, too, the need to step away from media devices, and slow down in order to get more grounded and appreciate what you have.  Social media especially, while it can be used to connect in wonderful ways, can also leave us playing the comparison game. {You just welcome the wacky when that happens.}  It’s hard to focus on you being you, feeling good, and doing good if you are busy trying to keep up with everyone else. Unplugging in this way can combat the insanity that can come along with holidays.

Make the holidays wonderful

Lend a hand.

This is a great time of year to help others who really need it. It also helps you get centered and grounded, and feel grateful – which really helps in feeling good all over.  Consider volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. And take your children along for this life-lesson ride.  The more we can show children how to be compassionate, give of ourselves and not pass judgment, the more compassionate, authentic, and open human beings we will raise.

This is a great time of year. If we embrace it correctly, do more, give more of ourselves, it will be more than wonderful.

Long after the season is done.

  • Rosemary Verri

    This is a perfect piece for those who struggle emotionally with the season. xx

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