Don’t carry what you don’t need

I have been a professional organizer for 17 years and in that time I have seen my fair share of clutter. I’ve seen some people struggle with letting it go, and seen others have an easier time of recognizing what doesn’t serve their life or their space and therefore purge with ease.

The one thing every client has in common is, in fact, clutter. They all have it.

And we all have the ability to allow it into our space and let is stay, and grow, even.

None of us is immune to clutter.

Knowing that is part of what can make getting rid of it, and keeping it out of your life forever, a reality.  When we realize that clutter happens quickly and easily when we don’t question what comes in, question whether it makes sense for our life and space, and importantly, decide where it should go with out delay, we might be more likely to pay attention to stopping it.

Otherwise, we get suffocated by it.

To combat it you must do this:

  1. Think about of how you will feel without clutter. Knowing this will help propel you to do the work to banish it.
  2. Banish it. Remove what you don’t like, need, or use (be honest when you ask yourself these questions). Without the clutter, what is left is infinitely easier to manage and systematize.
  3. Put some attention on what is left, what you have deemed necessary to keep because it sparks joy, has a purpose, and informs your life in a positive way. It’s a beautiful thing to know for sure what you own and realize that you have enough.
  4. Prevent future clutter by questioning what comes in – everything that comes in. Make sure it has a real purpose in your life. If it doesn’t, ask yourself why you are keeping it.

Literally do not “carry” what you don’t need.  Not in your pocket, in your home, or in your heart.

It’s a great rule to remember.

One that will always lead to more joy.

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