6 ways to lean minimal, and make progress in living your life lite

Boy has it been fun getting back into the TV studio to record videos. I have to admit Bob and I are still playing around a bit with what works best in terms of lighting and music and scripts but you know, like life, it’s all a work in progress. What is most important is getting some good content out to you. Content that will help you create your life, and live it more intentionally and simply.

Isn’t that what life is about?

I believe so. In fact, I believe very strongly that you have the power to create your life. You choose the content and that includes thoughts, things and people. And in choosing what should be in your life, what has purpose, it often means you have to edit out a few things that don’t. That can be difficult, sometimes emotional work. But it is necessary work because when you let go of what clutters and overwhelms you, you make room for all the things that add beauty and meaning.  This is at the base of what minimalism is all about

You don’t have to go this route cold turkey!

There are many ways you can lean minimal and simple. And sometimes leaning is all it takes to get you on the road to creating this one life you’ve got. And make sure it is one you love.

Here are 6 steps to help you get started!

  • Rosemary Verri

    I love these suggestions!! I love purging. I pick only one spot when I do it. Probably small.
    A clothes closet, a make up drawer. That said three times I have ‘purged’/reorganized my office. Three times, three different businesses. Desk, drawers, cabinets all repurposed to accommodate a new business. For me, takes about a month and then happiness!

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